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Who am I?

I am the woman…
Who was diagnosed at 31 with breast cancer.
Who had no known family history.
Who found a lump in my right breast after a miscarriage.
Who asked her obstetrician about a mammogram.
Who had a 2 centimeter mass of infiltrating ductal carcinoma.
Who asks “Why me”?
Who could be your friend, sister, aunt, or mother.
Who had to have a radical mastectomy.
Who felt her femininity was robbed by cancer on a Tuesday Morning in March.
Who hides the fact that I only have one breast from my 5 year old daughter, even though she knows mommy is “sick”.
Who worries non-stop that one day, she may be diagnosed with this terrible disease.
Who cries quietly in the shower so that my family won’t know the emotional pain that I’m really feeling.
Who worries daily about being a burden to my husband.
Who chose to shave my head rather than allow cancer to take it from me.
Who is fatigued every day.
Who wants my cancer to be a bad dream.
Who understands that I’m one of the “lucky ones”. My cancer is curable.
Who understands that this is temporary.
Who will one day, be myself again.
Who has a great family, wonderful HUSBAND, and few caring friends.
Who has been fortunate to have the best doctors that Nevada has to offer.
Who has great health insurance.
Who refuses to be ill.
Who needs to be a fighter so I can be a voice.
Who will ask questions and challenge injustice due to this cancer epidemic.
Who will be the “squeaking wheel” for those who do not have the strength.
Who will continue to educate myself about cancer.
Who wants to stop the suffering.
Who wants every woman to do self exams and have a yearly mammogram.
Who will figure out “Why me”?
But when you ask me, “Who am I”,
Shouldn’t you ask, “Am I you”?

May you all find the hope, strength, & courage that you need to get you through whatever lies ahead.
Always remember to believe, and never give up hope!

Angi – Survivor since May 25, 2005

(Based partly on Who am I by Survivor Stephanie – Komen Race for the Cure)


LoraLoo said...

Angi! Love the blog. This is a great way to record your journey through recovery and let everyone know how you're doing. I hope this finds you feeling good and smiley. :)

I came across another blog of someone else working her way through treatment. Thought I'd give you a link:

Have a great day!!

Cynthia said...

Bless your heart. My mother is a cancer survivor. It was a fluke they found it. Hers measured .5cm x .5 cm and she chose to do a radical mastectomy. She went through chemo and painful physical therapy. This was 13 years ago. She is healthy now with a thicker head of hair. You can do this.