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April 22, 2005 - A wig at the swap meet?

I bought a wig today. My insurance company wouldn’t cover the RX my doctor wrote, it’s not in my plan, so I went ahead and bought one so I would be prepared. I had went to Serge's, but the wig's there were like $200. Hell with that. I found the yellow page listings and started going to them all. I found a wig I liked at the swap meet of all places! And it was only $60. Sure beats $200. After shopping, mom took me to Diane’s house for a Stampin’ Up workshop party with all the Red Hat gals. I had a good time, made a cute album, and even agreed to host my own workshop. Mom’s old lady friends are nice, and let me tell you, they have everything a scrapping girl could dream of! Looking back, I'm glad I didn't spend more on a wig - in this Vegas heat, I haven't worn a wig more than once (or anything else on my head for that matter)!

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