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June 25, 2005 – Stampin’ the afternoon away at JoJo's

Joanna’s Stampin’ Up workshop. I dropped Nat off with Grampa and Jake, and Deb, Mom and I went over and stamped some scrapbook pages, a card, and a bookmark. Jan my friend who I used to work with was there, as well as some of my mom’s Red Hat friends. Jo had LOTS of food there, and we had a good time, but poor Jo had to go take care of her broken car. Once again, the people I invited were no-shows, nonetheless, we had fun, but I still would like to see the people I call friends. However, Tanya, aka, the hardest working woman I know, did email me to tell me she couldn't make it. I knew when I invited her she probably couldn't because being in the real estate field she works Saturdays, but to my surprise, she had the afternoon off and was spending it with her daughter. Her husband had plans, so she had babysitting duty. I would never expect to take someone's time away from their child, it is too precious, besides, she get's too little time to spend with her family as it is, as she is the hardest working woman I know.

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