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June 8, 2005 - Finally gettin' fitted for a compression sleeve!

I called my doctor today regarding the blood I threw up. They basically just told me to quit taking the Coumadin I was on to thin my blood to keep my port from clogging. I was on the lowest dose, but now that my chemo is over, they won’t need to access my port anymore. They also recommended having the port removed, and taking Zantac for now just to settle my stomach. I also went to a durable medical supply for to get my compression sleeve – hopefully this will FINALLY end my lymphedema problems, I hope! But as I found out, I cannot get an off the shelf one, they took measurements again and had to custom order one. I should get it in about 2 weeks. I also started taking my Femara today. My doc wanted me to wait until all the chemo was somewhat out of my system before staring the regimen. Hope the side effects are mild!

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