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There's Magical fun to be had

And it's soon to be all around us. I just got done making plans and reservations today to go to Disney the week following my arrival in Vegas. This is a SPECIAL treat for my daughter's graduation from kindergarten and we are going all out! We gave her the choice of Sea World or Disney. At first she teeter-tottered back and forth between the two. I know my hubby was really pulling for Sea World and San Diego. But none of it really appeals to me except maybe the zoo, which maybe we'll hit next year, if not later this summer. It's just I've been to the original Sea World in Florida when I was little. I don't think it has changed much since then - and I know this summer will be filled with many, many trips to Mandalay Bay to see the Shark Reef since my MIL works there, and gets us discounted tickets. She went 3 or more times last summer to the Reef. So why go to Sea World when I know she'll be going to the Reef and petting sting rays? Also this summer, as long as my energy is up for it - I have plans to take her to see the Lions at the MGM, the Tigers at the Mirage, and the Dolphins at the TI.
We want this to be way special, and she picked it on her own as there is still so much she hasn't seen or done there. Her first trip we got rained on, the 2nd she got sick and missed all of the fireworks for 4th of July. So this trip is somewhat special for all of us. We all need a break from our lives, but Natalie especially deserves it - not just for graduating, but for everything that she (and we) have had to endure over the last year or so with all of my surgeries, doctor appointments, and the chaos called life. So I booked a nice room at the Disneyland Resort Hotel for a few nights, complete with Disney Park Hopper Passes for the 3 of us, and a Character Breakfast. Now we've been to Disney a few times, as I've said, but this here by far takes the cake as our most expensive trip. The trip with the breakfast alone cost a mere $1,055.00 With a price tag like that I can't wait to see how much we spend on eats, treats, and goodies! It's amazing how much a few days of fun can cost, but it will all be oh so worth it! I so need a vacation, but an adult vacation to some far off exotic beautiful beach away from the outside world, cell bars, and wireless connections!


Finally trying to make a few improvements to our home

We still have been having problems finding someone to replace our carpet and tile at a reasonable price. The last place that came out wanted just over $8300 - which we both thought was ridiculous since the highest offer I had received to date and had been trying to beat was only $5700. Guess I'll be going back to Cartpet One now, but June is creeping up on us fast and I don't have much time to do anything other than hopefully organize scrap stuff, pay bills, and pack for the summer.

Last week we had a tractor come out and sweep down the brush on our near 3 acres. Now on the one side it really looks like we need to fence in our property. Since then I have tried to get into the gardening mood, but dirt and I don't mix. I used the weedeater and 3 times I broke the line, so I gave up on that. Our brand new Craftsman mower is broke, it has oil coming out of the exhaust - and it's only been used maybe 4 or 5 times at most. So all I could really do was to start raking up an old flower bed when I found half-assed newspaper and black plastic weed control along with a few of what appeared to be Hobo Spiders. Hobo Spiders I hear are quiet popular in this area and are very posinous - that's the kind of shit I hate about the desert and about doing yard work. I really, really hate bugs!!! But at least I didn't find any scorpions or anything I couldn't handle on my own. I even chopped down a little tree all by myself! But after finding the spiders, there is no way in hell I am planting flowers there - instead I'm thinking of just putting down some fertilizer and grass seeds in the area. We need to bring the yard back to life and give ths place some curb appeal - BAD. Which mean lots of grass seeds, fertilizer, and watering! We also want to make a nice concrete U shaped drive, but I don't know how much time we have or what our budget will be like. Especially since I would also like to paint the exterior too. Hell I just want a new house, built to my specifications.

Oh, the big news on the home front is that Ruben put in for a transfer for a management posistion, and his interview is on the 30th. I'm practically holding my breathe to hear the decision. We both want this soooooooo bad. The transfer would put us about 3 hours closer than we are now, no snow, but hot as hell. But that's what A/C is for! Plus I can add another state to my "lived" list. I'm not trying to be greedy on purpose, but I want to see my hubby move up a notch on the corporate ladder to go on to bigger and better things - not to mention make more money to pay for whatever treatments I'll be having for the next 5 or 10 years. I also want to be back in a big city or at least a lot closer to one. The doctor's here suck, and are ignorant to boot!

So cross your fingers that we'll keep seeing sunny days this winter in a new house that we love, and above all else, he gets this promo and transfer!


Down on The Farm

On Friday 5/19 - my Daughter's kindergarten class, along with the other teacher's kindergarten class went on a little field trip and lucky me, I got to go along for the ride! Yeah! We took a bus out to Mrs. Johnson's Farm and watched as she sheared one of her many sheep. The kids got to feel what the unprocessed wool felt like (we even got to keep a piece for our scrap page!) and then they pet the newly sheared sheep to feel the skin. Something about the oils in the skin produce lanolin to keep hands smooth and soft. We then went out back were she had a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Steer. As I learned, a Steer and a Bull are two different things. Bulls are male cows that procreate. Steers are male cows that do not procreate, there main use is for the meat we eat. Ummmm, think of all those tender cuts of steak! I can't remember the exact number, but her steer was near 2,000 lbs. I do believe. The kids also got to pet the steer, who was pretty nice for a cow that size, and they were educated quite well on these animals. Unfortunately though, she did not have any horse, which we had hoped for. Afterwards the kids washed their hands and were treated with Otter-Pops. They played for a while, then it was back to school just in time to grab there backpacks and make the bus.


After months of waiting, we finaly have results......

After months of waiting, my mom finally got back the results to her liver biopsy. They found out from the biopsy that she has VERY bad liver cirrhosis and shrinkage of her liver, and that is what had caused the build up of fluid in her belly - like how she had suddenly gained like 30 lbs, in 2 weeks.

The doctor also said that her current condition was caused by a procedure she had done in 1978 that they were unaware of the side effects it could cause or the aftermath of it. You see in 1978 my mom was really overweight - by then she had 4 kids and was working on her second marriage. Since they didn't offer stomach stapling or gastric bypass back then, they ended up removing a section of her colon to make her lose weight, and she did. At that time removing a section of your colon was the equivalent of the surgeries they perform today. I remember times that my mom has been very skinny growing up, or worse yet she had very thin legs, but a round belly on her - so regardless to say, the surgery wasn't even a complete success or an end to her weight issues. My mom was so skinny when she first married as a teenager, that you could have almost wrapped your hands around the circumference of her waist -that's how skinny she had been before kids!

Anyway, they've done some surgeries on her to get the build up of fluid under control among other things, and now most everything is much better. But in order to keep all of this in control - at least for the time being (until there is a permanent solution made), she has to undergo another surgery called a TIPS procedure, where they insert a Transjuglar Intahepathic Portosystemic Shunt in her. This procedure should help relieve the portal hypertension (pressure on the blood circulation of the liver) because THAT alone could kill her, it will also help reduce fluid production so she won't swell up anymore - and hopefully all this will somewhat ease her pain. Afterwards, the next steps will be to evaluate her for a liver transplant. This sounds as though it may take quite a while to determine and lots more testing. It may be months before we know anything for sure. Then if she is determined to be a candidate for transplant, she'll be put on the waiting list according to urgency. Or at least that is how I understand it. So for now we wait and see how bad it really is, and hope and pray that someone in my family (or someone else's) will be a match for her. I don't know how matches are determined, but I do know this - I am O+ blood and she is O- blood, so I have no clue if that rules me out or not. My sister also has O+, but I don't know about my brother(s) or my husband. I have also since found out that my Uncle Coleman in TN has a clean liver and may be a good match - but then again, I'm not positive if he's a match.

So if there is anyone in the Las Vegas area who would be kind enough to donate half of their liver to a total stranger, just leave a comment or email me at
MLSSBUGS@AOL.COM (yes that IS an L and not an i). I'm only 32 and the last few years have been really rough, I AM NOT READY TO LOSE MY MOM YET. My daughter has already lost one grandparent - my husband's dad to lung cancer. I do not want her to lose another. I know there ARE kind people out there, KIND PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO HELP. Don't be shy, just let me know - and NO, my mom does not drink or smoke. If nothing else, please pray for her - that is something everyone can do! Thank you!


We have cows!

As I have previously mentioned, it's spring here in Spring Creek. Actually I'd almost say summer as I am suffering from my first sunburn since moving here.....and I wasn't even doing anything other than standing outside the school talking with other mothers! When I came back I noticed my neck and arms are burnt bad, and quite painful to top it off!

Anyway, back to the cows. Over beyond the hills, behind our house, there is a rather LARGE cow farm. Day in and day out my daughter and I see these cows as we are heading off for school. These poor cows make this very long hike over all the hills and through the wild brush and grass, to cross over Lower Lamoille Road. Now Lower Lamoille Road runs directly behind our house, and meets up with the highway, Lamoille Road the road that takes us to school, and it's also the only road that goes into town. They hike across the valley and hills JUST to seek out water from this little creek that is near where the two roads connect, then they male the long journey home. During certain times of the day you have to be very, very careful as you drive down the road so you don't hit a cow. So now I am on the lookout for cows and deer.....the coyotes I could care less about. I'm not about to risk wrecking my Durango just to swerve and miss hitting a coyote - on a curvy, bumpy, dirt and gravel road!

So the other day as we were leaving for school, I remembered to take along my camera and ended up getting some really great shots! There were lots of baby cows and even a bull (I do believe but I'm not sure so sure, cause it had utters?.....but it did have horns). Other than that I really wouldn't know as I am not formally educated in the sex of farm animals, or any other animal for that matter. So below are some of the pictures I took. Hope you enjoy them.


After last night, boy am I glad I didn't give up hope

I knew something big would be in store for the Grey finale. I have waited all season for Meredith & McDreamy Dr. Shephard to get back together or share one last kiss, and last night it happened and a whole lot more! Now I have to wait all damn summer just to find out what's going to happen next with this love triangle between Meredith, Finn the Vet and Derek. Will Derek finally leave his wife like he should have in the beginning? After all, she did cheat on him first,and although he's trying to make it work, he knows he doesn't love her. But I guess until August when the new season starts, I will just have to watch season 1 over and over again as I have it on DVD.....and in the first episode it shows McDreamy's naked butt!

On the other hand, I told my hubby what my ultimate vacation would be. You see, I am a major gossip junkie. I buy Star, In Touch, US, Celeb name it I buy them. I told him my ultimate fantasy vacation would be to go star gazing. I wanna go shop at Kitson's, I wanna see where they live. I even told him I want to meet Nick Lachey, to which he laughed cause he said I would probably throw myself at him. I told him that would do no good, he wouldn't be interested in me. And I told him about that last post about him, I was going to put in there that I would give my left breast to have one night with him.....but then that would mean, that he (Nick Lachey) would have a bigger chest than me! LOL. But I told Ruben instead how I may take Nick in a heartbeat, that I wouldn't give him up for the world, and that seemed to make him happy once again. But I don't know, this is really beginning to be a tie for 1st between Dr. McDreamy Patrick Dempsey and Nick Lachey. Oh why can't I be one of the beautiful people, that's rich and gets everything her heart desires. Maybe I need to write a sob story to Dr. 90210! Get a nip, a tuck, a lift, some suction, some Baywatch implants, some dental veneers, a tat or two removed. Then ask MTV to Pimp my Ride - although there's not a damn thing wrong with my '04 Durango, but I would love a custom paint job, chrome wheels, and maybe a few more TV monitors. Then I guess to top it off, since I just recently for the 3rd time accidentally nearly shaved my head again - right when it had finally grown out to a length I could blow dry and somewhat straighten again - get some really long straight hair extensions! I really am blonde (despite the red tint I dyed my hair) for accidentally whacking it off again. Keep those damn hair clippers away from me! But even still with all that, it wouldn't change who I am on the inside, or the fact that everyday I'd be coming home to my one and only true love, Ruben.

But a girl can dream, can't she?


Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all of you hard working mothers, who work 30 hours a day 8 days a week ~ a very Happy Mother's Day, because I know as much as you, that as a mother, we rarily get appreciated for the job we do day in and day out.

Enjoy your day of pampering, and all the gifts you receive from your children 's school that may be made out of unidentified clay shapes, and painted and lovingly sprinkled with glitter!


In just two nights my world will start to crumble as I watch the 2 part season finale of Grey's Anatomy on Sunday and Monday. After that, what all will I do with myself? I mean it's pretty obvious at this point there is no Meredith and Dr. McDreamy, not after he practically called her a whore last week. That alone nearly broke my heart and made me want to quit watching, but then I though - hey the finale is coming, they have to have some big cliff hanger planned for it, right? So I still have SOME ounce of hope to hang on to. I'm also curious how this season will end for The Sopranos, and really hope that Big Love comes back for a 2nd season as I am soooooo hooked on it now! The only thing I have to look forward to this summer is the beginning of another season of Last Comic Standing - thank god, because I was worried it would be a long boring summer in Vegas....not to mention hot as hell also! My only other hope is to get some scrappin' done - that is if I'm still invited to Cynthia's house.
My mom HOPEFULLY should be well and on her way home, or at least that was the plan she mentioned to me the other day. I just hope that the doctor's do not find her to be in complete liver failure! Both my husband and I have offered to be tested to find out if either of us would be a match for a liver transplant. My useless brother did nothing of the sort. Instead his wife and kids went to Disneyland for a week, and hasn't called since. If she needs a new liver, she could die before ever getting one from a transplant list, and he's apparently alright with that. It was one thing when he never called, sent flowers or a card to me after finding out I had cancer. I decided then and there that I never wanted to see him or talk to him again - including his family. It was really hard for me not to pick up the phone and give him a piece of my mind by giving him a new asshole, but Ruben convinced me that he's not worth the time or the effort - but now that we are talking about our mother, the woman who carried him in her tummy full term, and housed, clothed, and fed him for 18 years of his life - not to mention bailed him out of just about every financial hole he dug himself into. This fuels a new rage and is really taking every little bit of effort I have not to go off on him and his wife. The only thing I can hope for is Karma, because if he ever needs a family member for anything, there won't be a single one of us around to answer his cry for help.
Okay, so enough complaining about my loser brother and his wife because I'm already starting to get a headache! My scrap room remodel is coming along just fine with LOTS of help from my husband. He wanted the desk drawers emptied so bad, that he got up early last weekend and did it himself. So now almost everthing is unpack, although nothing is near being organized! I've gotta get on it, so I can take some goodies with me to Vegas. I had been telling my Ob/Gyn doctor here that I've been feeling run down and have drank a few energy drinks to get me going or have taken some caffiene pills - basically, she told me that what I was doing was way bad. My immune system is shot, and if I am feeling run down, then I need to stop and rest, cause sleep is the only way to get over it. So needless to say, with my horrible immune system I have now gotten everyone in the house sick - yeah. I just love feeling like I'm going to cough up a lung, it reminds me of the days I used to smoke. It also makes me very thankful that I quit almost 7 years ago. It's one less cancer I have to worry about! But other than still feeling completely run down, I am happy to say I think my depression may finally be under control. This new medicine my doctor put me on is pretty effective at treating bi-polar disorders. I know, I know. Bi-polar, I thought the same thing. I thought it meant only extreme ups and downs, but I guess there are all kinds of bi-polar now. I never thought I would say I was in anyway bi-polar, but this new stuff he has me on has been working wonders. No more rage and tears coming from stress over being late. I still worry some, and I still have some panic attacks/anxiety attacks - but not nearly as bad. God before I could get so mad I thought I would or could seriously hurt someone, but my hysterical crying fits were the worst and I couldn't understand them because I have No hormone anymore, so what the hell was I crying about! But thankfully, I am somewhat back to the dysfunctional normal I was, or at least getting there. I'm even starting to cook again! Although I still have a long way to go yet, I just try to take things one day at a time.
Well it's off to bed for me, but over the next few days I should be updating my Flickr account with LOTS of new pictures. It's Spring here, and the cows are out everywhere! I'll have to explain that one later. But in the meantime, I will get Natalie's new Spring Graduation pictures I got from her school posted soon.....dunno why they won't post on here! First she's Graduating kindergarten and next thing you know she'll be driving. Time really does fly!


What's Left of Me

Normally I'd have to say that this isn't my type of music, but I'd have to say that the ex Jessica Simpson, Mr. Nick Lachey has moved up on my doable list to number 1. Over the weekend on MTV I watched a 2 hour special entitled Nick Lachey: What's Left Of Me. It was a video journey documenting his split from Jessica, on how he has made this album. I have to say this album is a very good one. He has poored every ounce of his heart and soul into it, and I cannot wait until later this month when it will be released as I want it for my iPod in the worst possible way. For some reason I just cannot fathom WHY Jessica called it quits. This man is totally gorgeous, he has rock hard abs and arms, cool tats, and beautiful blue eyes, making him oh so yummy! And even though he recently told Rolling Stones that he still loves Jess and would re-marry her without a second thought, I would take him in a heartbeat - just as long as I get to hose him off first! I just don't understand what it is that us women do to men to hurt them so much! Some of us really should be ashamed of ourselves. He was quoted as saying that the only way he knew his marriage was over was because he was told it was over. Just like that, that bluntly. Jess has some growing up to do. She married way too young to fully appreciate a man like that. And while part of me hopes and prays that they will reconcile, the other hopes he will find something bigger and better that he fully deserves. Jess has A LOT of maturing to do! I don't mean to be so harsh on Jess, but I too married too young once and I learned my mistakes the hard way. And while I may take Nick in a heartbeat, I wouldn't dare give up my Ruben for the world! If you have some free time, why not take a look at his new video on AOL. I think you just might like it. What's Left Of Me.


The beginning of a new week

Well it looks like Spring has finally arrived to Spring Creek (YAY!!!!), the weather is a li'l bit warmer and FINALLY we haven't had any snow at all in almost a week! Sometime this week I should be getting back Natalie's Spring School pictures and Graduation pictures. She graduates Kindergarten on the 2nd (WAHOO!!!). I can't wait because they have this whole little ceremony with caps, gowns and a whole presentation planned. Yes, I will be armed with camera in hand - both digital and film, while Ruben shoots video on the camcorder.
Last week Ruben was in Reno for part of the week for some kind of Latino Management Class series that go on for 6 months. It sucks, but I guess it's a great honor for him to be nominated to attend since it's an event held outside of work through another company. But while he was gone I was sick the whole time - fun, fun! It seemed like I had some type of infection pouring out of every ounce of my body. I had an eye infection, I was running a fever while sweating the whole time, I couldn't eat, I was sick to my stomach, I have had a really bad bladder infection that I have to call the doctor about today. Because I am in some desperate need of antibiotics in the worst possible way. You know it's real bad when it hurts to pee, then to top it off you have either blood in your urine or blood clots. Because you know that no matter what, something is definitely wrong then! Hell, even my acne from stress was oozing this yellow discharge, jus like my eye did. And the bloodthing - well let me just say it's a REAL freaky thing to see even the slightest bit of blood coming from that area when you've had a complete hysterectomy last year. I just pray it's nothing major! God knows I do not need anymore major health problems, especially when next month after Nat's graduation we will be going back to Vegas for me to undergo reconstruction again - if it takes this time, I hope! Otherwise, if the plastic surgeon says it's too soon still we plan on going to Disney for a few days as a surprise for her summer vacation.
We just got back our tax return - and even though we had to buy a new refrigerator cause ours crapped out on us (it was leaking water), and that we also bought a Norditrack Elliptical machine (to get us in shape and get all sexy looking again!), and a new HP scanner, we still set back more than enough money needed to go to Disneyland and the California theme park for more than a few days. It wasn't like I needed a new scanner, my Epson one was fine, the only difference was that the Epson only scans up to 11.7" long and the HP scans up to 12.3". I was tired of scanning LO's and stitching them together with Panorama Maker, only to find the top or bottom had been cut off. While I was at it, I almost bought a new wide format printer, but I just could not find one that I liked enough to justify buying - or at least not at this time. I guess first I really need to scrap some and use some of the new goodies I've already bought - that is if I ever get around to unpacking and organizing my new scrap room. I can't put it off for too long because I'm going to want to take some of it to Vegas with me to keep me occupied while I'm down there for the next 3 months....and of course to take with me to Cynthia's to use when I invite (LOL!) myself over to her scrap palace - hope you don't mind Jeff! Actually I'm just kidding, I would never be so rude as to just invite myself over, I may hint at it (HINT, HINT, HINT - LOL), but I would never just show up there as I know his kids will be visiting for the summer, and them getting to spend quality time together is more important than me scrapping with my Idol.
Well it's just about time to get Natalie ready for school. I hope that Josh (Sonia's husband) had a great birthday this past weekend, and that this turns out to be a great week for everybody!
Till next time, keep on scrappin'!