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Finally trying to make a few improvements to our home

We still have been having problems finding someone to replace our carpet and tile at a reasonable price. The last place that came out wanted just over $8300 - which we both thought was ridiculous since the highest offer I had received to date and had been trying to beat was only $5700. Guess I'll be going back to Cartpet One now, but June is creeping up on us fast and I don't have much time to do anything other than hopefully organize scrap stuff, pay bills, and pack for the summer.

Last week we had a tractor come out and sweep down the brush on our near 3 acres. Now on the one side it really looks like we need to fence in our property. Since then I have tried to get into the gardening mood, but dirt and I don't mix. I used the weedeater and 3 times I broke the line, so I gave up on that. Our brand new Craftsman mower is broke, it has oil coming out of the exhaust - and it's only been used maybe 4 or 5 times at most. So all I could really do was to start raking up an old flower bed when I found half-assed newspaper and black plastic weed control along with a few of what appeared to be Hobo Spiders. Hobo Spiders I hear are quiet popular in this area and are very posinous - that's the kind of shit I hate about the desert and about doing yard work. I really, really hate bugs!!! But at least I didn't find any scorpions or anything I couldn't handle on my own. I even chopped down a little tree all by myself! But after finding the spiders, there is no way in hell I am planting flowers there - instead I'm thinking of just putting down some fertilizer and grass seeds in the area. We need to bring the yard back to life and give ths place some curb appeal - BAD. Which mean lots of grass seeds, fertilizer, and watering! We also want to make a nice concrete U shaped drive, but I don't know how much time we have or what our budget will be like. Especially since I would also like to paint the exterior too. Hell I just want a new house, built to my specifications.

Oh, the big news on the home front is that Ruben put in for a transfer for a management posistion, and his interview is on the 30th. I'm practically holding my breathe to hear the decision. We both want this soooooooo bad. The transfer would put us about 3 hours closer than we are now, no snow, but hot as hell. But that's what A/C is for! Plus I can add another state to my "lived" list. I'm not trying to be greedy on purpose, but I want to see my hubby move up a notch on the corporate ladder to go on to bigger and better things - not to mention make more money to pay for whatever treatments I'll be having for the next 5 or 10 years. I also want to be back in a big city or at least a lot closer to one. The doctor's here suck, and are ignorant to boot!

So cross your fingers that we'll keep seeing sunny days this winter in a new house that we love, and above all else, he gets this promo and transfer!

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