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What's Left of Me

Normally I'd have to say that this isn't my type of music, but I'd have to say that the ex Jessica Simpson, Mr. Nick Lachey has moved up on my doable list to number 1. Over the weekend on MTV I watched a 2 hour special entitled Nick Lachey: What's Left Of Me. It was a video journey documenting his split from Jessica, on how he has made this album. I have to say this album is a very good one. He has poored every ounce of his heart and soul into it, and I cannot wait until later this month when it will be released as I want it for my iPod in the worst possible way. For some reason I just cannot fathom WHY Jessica called it quits. This man is totally gorgeous, he has rock hard abs and arms, cool tats, and beautiful blue eyes, making him oh so yummy! And even though he recently told Rolling Stones that he still loves Jess and would re-marry her without a second thought, I would take him in a heartbeat - just as long as I get to hose him off first! I just don't understand what it is that us women do to men to hurt them so much! Some of us really should be ashamed of ourselves. He was quoted as saying that the only way he knew his marriage was over was because he was told it was over. Just like that, that bluntly. Jess has some growing up to do. She married way too young to fully appreciate a man like that. And while part of me hopes and prays that they will reconcile, the other hopes he will find something bigger and better that he fully deserves. Jess has A LOT of maturing to do! I don't mean to be so harsh on Jess, but I too married too young once and I learned my mistakes the hard way. And while I may take Nick in a heartbeat, I wouldn't dare give up my Ruben for the world! If you have some free time, why not take a look at his new video on AOL. I think you just might like it. What's Left Of Me.


Cynthia said...

I saw some of this, too, and I cried! Yes, I cried. There's something about a man pining away for his woman that really gets me! He deserves better.

LoraLoo said...

Obviously Jessica is just as smart as the media portrays her. He is definitely HOT, but I can't get past the whole boy band thing with him. He needs to do something BIG solo, to separate him from her and his past.