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December 1, 2005 - I can't hardly believe it's almost Christmas!

SORRY - I know It's been a while since I updated my blog. To be honest, it gets tiring, because NOTHING has gone right lately. In October I began the 1st phase of breast reconstruction. I should have known better to just wait till next year, and start over clean. I just wasn't ready for it, and my body made sure everyone knew that but me. Otherwise I wouldn't have wasted all that money traveling back and forth to Vegas. Because shortly after getting the temporary implant (tissue expander) placed, I developed this rather LARGE bruise that covered all of my right breast and some parts of my abdomen. This hematoma had been caused by busted blood vessels that developed during the surgery, or close after. As if that weren't enough, the following week, I got outta bed and noticed the whole side of my shirt was wet from blood and I suddenly realized that I began bleeding like there was no tomorrow. Even though I followed my doctor's advice, and had taken antibiotics after surgery, my breast had still become infected. Despite it all, the implant had to be removed due to massive scar tissue that formed around the implant. I spent 3 days in the hospital over thanksgiving. When I was finally released, I learned that I had to stay in town to follow up with my surgeon on Monday to have my drain bulb removed. When I saw the doctor he was pleased with how it was healing and removed the drain, but not the stitches. So now we have to drive back down on the Friday after next to have them removed...great, more wasted gas! He informed me that I will have to wait at least 6 months before I am eligible to start the reconstruction process again. So it looks as though, Natalie, Lexie (our dog) and I will be spending the summer without Ruben again in the lovely 120 degree heat of Las Vegas.
My only source of console at this moment is that maybe I can take Cynthia up on her offer and use her scraproom while I am down there - and since my hubby will surely limit my baggage due to the fact that I went way overboard on the packing last time, I may be lucky enough to use some of Cynthia's supplies as I recall she has tons that she needs to purge, and knowing her I really can't see how anything she owns wouldn't be fabulous! Who knows she may even be able to teach this dog some new tricks as well. I love her LO's and Cards so much, it's no wonder after looking at them why she is my scrap idol! You can check out Cynthia's blog I am a Coconut to see all her awesome work. She is totally going to regret making me that offer to me = ) I just hope that I am capable of scrapping!
So anyway, back to what I was saying before I started daydreaming about Cynthia's Scrap Space.....which by the way I am contemplating re-doing my own to more closely match her use of vertical space, instead of my current busting at the seams design! Sooooo, after seeing the doctor on Monday, we decided to head home so we wouldn't miss anymore school or work. About 2 1/2 hours outside of Elko we hit our first winter storm. Let me tell you, it was coming down so hard and fast that we practically had zero visibility. I was quite terrified considering that we have yet to put my studded snow tires on for the season. Thank goodness my Durango has 4 wheel drive! We made it home safely despite the fact that some of the other drivers on the road didn't, and found that not only did we accumulate about 3 inches of snow, but that our house was FREEZING! Before leaving for our trip, we had made sure that everything was off - that included the heat and the pellet stove. OMG it had to be about 30 degrees inside our house. In fact it was so cold, our fish Jolly died! We cranked up the heat and pellet stove to warm the place up before bed, but nothing, and I mean nothing, helped to warm up that spot right between the comforter and the sheets. It literally felt we were laying on a slab of ice! Have I ever said how much I hate snow and cold weather?


November 24, 2005 - Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Well after spending 2 days in the hospital, I am very thankful to be home with my family - although I am not at MY home in Elko. Every since Monday, when my doctor told me the bad news. I have been freaked out, totally upset that the expander had to be removed. My husband tried his best to cheer me up by buying me a new digital camera, We went to Best Buy to look at camera, and decided on the Sony Sure Shot DSC-HI. The camera is awesome, but since I had to check into the hospital the next day I hardly had a chance to play with it. I spent most of Tuesday in pain. By Wednesday, I finally started feeling better, but was still really bummed about being in the hospital and having to start over again. Ruben & Natalie stopped by to see me. They brought me flowers and two little stuffed animals, one is an adorable Russ brand Pink Hippo that matches the Spotted Dog Ruben bought me last surgery - they both have BIG eyes. The other is this little teddy bear Natalie picked out for me. It was great to see them, but after a short period of time she became antsie and it was evident it was time for Ruben to take her home. Later that night is when I got a surprise visit from my favorite Blogger (I am a Coconut)Cynthia! She is a nurse in the peds units and stopped by to meet me once her shift started. As a Get Well Soon gift, she brought me a HUGE bag of awesome and wonderful if just meeting my scrap idol wasn't enough. We talked for quite a while, and she even invited me to come scrap in her room next time I am down and feeling up to it. I just know she can teach me so much. I called my husband later and told him about her visit and he said it was the most spirited I had sounded in days. Not to say I didn't enjoy my visit with my family, but meeting Cynthia made my day....and the handmade card and supplies just made it even better. If she hand't hugged me I woulda thought it was some kind of Morphine induced dream. I truly hope what she gave me was just things she purged from her supplies as she has said before that she is overrun with items, because I can't imagine a virtual stranger spending that much on little ol' me. But regardless of the bad of goodies, just talking with her made my day and made me feel so much better. I can't wait till she gets pregnant so I can send her a care package filled with the same love. Hell I can't wait just to get home and start on that 8x8 SEI Aunt Gertie's Album kit she gave me. It is BEAUTIFUL. Browns and pinks are so in right now and will be adorable for a little girt! I just love it! I spent the night sleeping in a scrapbooking heaven, and was released today from the hospital just in time to spend thanksgiving with my family. I truly hope everyone else enjoyed their thanksgiving. Through-out this post are some pictures taken with my new digicam, and below are things from my bag of goodies from Cynthia. Thanks so much!!!!


November 17, 2005 - I've been Tagged just for reading a blog!

2 names you go by:
-Angi, mama, & honey (just a few of the ones I like)
-Ang (one that I hear a lot & used to hate, but has grown on me)

2 parts of your heritage:
-Well my Maiden Name is from England, but I was born & raised in the US.
-I'm like white on rice

2 things that scare you:
-The Cancer coming back in my other breast and having to go through this all over again, or cancer taking me from my love ones, or worse yet, it taking them from me!
-Being re-called to duty with Casino Services. Just joking, they don't want me since I quit. I'm old and rusty!

2 everyday essentials:
-Meds, Meds, and more Medications.....all washed down with Mr. Pibb. Gotta keep that Cancer away!
-A nuzzle from my dog, and hugs & kisses from my daughter & husband

2 fave bands/artists:

2 favorite songs:
-The Reason

2 things you want in a relationship (other than true love):
-Understanding and Support.
-Being able to be yourself and not be judged for it.

2 favorite hobbies:
-Scrapbooking & Rubber Stamping.
-Shopping Conventions & Crop Classes.

2 things you want really badly:
-To not have financial worries.
-A baby boy just so my little girl will have that younger brother she wants soooooooo badly, but unfortunately I am unable to physically (no uterus or ovaries) - so maybe adoption one day, but again that goes with having financial freedom.

2 places you want to go on vacation:

2 things you want to do before you die:
-Travel to distant islands.
-Win a LARGE sum of money to foot the bill for all my traveling needs.

2 ways in which you are a true girl:
-I love Diamonds!
-I love more Diamonds! Oh and Jewelry also!

2 things you are thinking about right now:
-Is re-financing our home to pay off our cars and make minor upgrades to our house worth it?
-I hope my plastic surgeon will give me my saline injection this trip on the 21st, and I hope it doesn't hurt!

2 stores you shop at:
-Internet (not many places to choose from in this little town)

2 people guaranteed to make you laugh:
-My Husband is always good for a laugh
-Cynthia's Blog - sometimes she is so funny I just about pee my pants!

I guess I tag...Lora, Valerie, or Donna since I don't really know any other Bloggers!


November 11, 2005 - Back from Vegas, but not better

Sorry I haven't posted sooner regarding my trip to the Plastic Surgeon, but I have been extremely exhausted and have been trying to rest. When I saw the doctor on Monday I wasn't bleeding much, so he decided not to put any stitches in it. Basically he just made sure it wasn't infected. However because the hematoma busted and caused the bleeding, I was unable to get my first injection. So once again, I have been thrown off schedule. At this rate I will not be able to have my second surgery until next year, which really sucks since I will have to pay my out-of-pocket expense all over again for the new year. He did say that I was doing the right thing by bandaging it up and covering it with gauze pads and surgical pads, and now I go back on the 21st for my injection. Thing is it has still been bleeding non-stop, but the good news is that the bruise/hematoma is going away. I think that it will continue to bleed until the hematoma is completely gone. The other night while sleeping I completely bled through my bandage and t-shirt, then when I woke up in the morning I had little red bumps all over my right side of my stomach. Not sure what they are from, and really my doctor's office isn't either. I thought maybe an allergic reaction, but since it is only on the one side, who knows. But I wanted to let everyone know I am alive and well, just not doing much of anything for the time being while I heal.


November 4, 2005 - Back to Vegas, a week before scheduled....

Here I was, thinking that I was on the road to recovery and getting myself all psyched up for my first "big" injection on the 14th. But as I lay in bed Thursday night (the 3rd) surfing the internet on my laptop, I noticed that my t-shirt felt pretty damp. I lifted my shirt up only to find that my tank top too was absolutely soaked. Immediately I thought the worst. I thought that the saline from my tissue expander implant had sprung a leak. You could definitely say that I was in PANIC mode. I showed the spot to my husband, since he could see it better than I. That's when he informed me that it wasn't saline, it was blood. Suddenly I didn't feel well. I became extremely worried. We went into the bathroom, and I dis-robed, so we could took a look at the incision site. First off I had particles sticking to my jogging bra. As soon as I removed it, these 3 spots just started dripping blood, and it wasn't a slow drip either. The blood was not bright red, it was more of a brownish red, or a watered down reddish color. I immediately had to sit on the toilet afraid I was going to pass out. We called my Plastic Surgeon's office to have the answering service page the doctor for me. Unfortunately, I did not get to speak with my doctor, but I did talk to another doctor in his practice. This guy really made it sound like I had nothing to worry about. He reasoned that it is more than normal for it to do this. I don't see how, but accoring to him the hematoma I had was rather large and may have busted or drained. They are worried about the chance of infection, so even though they gave me Keflex for it, I still have to go to Vegas first thing in the morning to be examined........Lucky me cause that means I get up in about 2 hours*YAY!*
So anyways, that is where I will be M.I.A. until Monday when I have my dr. appointment. Hopefully he will be able to correct the problem on the spot. Hope the rest of you have had a better start to yourweekend