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November 4, 2005 - Back to Vegas, a week before scheduled....

Here I was, thinking that I was on the road to recovery and getting myself all psyched up for my first "big" injection on the 14th. But as I lay in bed Thursday night (the 3rd) surfing the internet on my laptop, I noticed that my t-shirt felt pretty damp. I lifted my shirt up only to find that my tank top too was absolutely soaked. Immediately I thought the worst. I thought that the saline from my tissue expander implant had sprung a leak. You could definitely say that I was in PANIC mode. I showed the spot to my husband, since he could see it better than I. That's when he informed me that it wasn't saline, it was blood. Suddenly I didn't feel well. I became extremely worried. We went into the bathroom, and I dis-robed, so we could took a look at the incision site. First off I had particles sticking to my jogging bra. As soon as I removed it, these 3 spots just started dripping blood, and it wasn't a slow drip either. The blood was not bright red, it was more of a brownish red, or a watered down reddish color. I immediately had to sit on the toilet afraid I was going to pass out. We called my Plastic Surgeon's office to have the answering service page the doctor for me. Unfortunately, I did not get to speak with my doctor, but I did talk to another doctor in his practice. This guy really made it sound like I had nothing to worry about. He reasoned that it is more than normal for it to do this. I don't see how, but accoring to him the hematoma I had was rather large and may have busted or drained. They are worried about the chance of infection, so even though they gave me Keflex for it, I still have to go to Vegas first thing in the morning to be examined........Lucky me cause that means I get up in about 2 hours*YAY!*
So anyways, that is where I will be M.I.A. until Monday when I have my dr. appointment. Hopefully he will be able to correct the problem on the spot. Hope the rest of you have had a better start to yourweekend

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Cynthia said...

Oh, Angi! I hope everything is going ok with your examination. Big hugs and prayers going out to you!