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Passing Time

Fed up with watching news, not able to watch a movie on the TV cause
Danny forgot a cable, wishing we had some board games or something to
help pass the time - the gang settles down with a deck of cards and I
resort to watching a movie on my laptop. All this waiting sucks.....BAD!


On The Boardwalk

Made it safely to our hotel around 10:30 - didn't experience any major
traffic least not like the current backed up traffic
shown on I-10. Once in our room and settled we rested up before
heading to Joe's Crab Shack on the Louisiana Boardwalk. It is
absolutely freakin gorgeous here, but extremely effin hot! Though
hot, it doesn't quite seem as humid here. Guess it's because we're
not as close to the ocean. There is so much shopping offered here, but
I gotta remind myself this is no vacay - also we don't have room in
the car and Lexie is back at the hotel waiting. In any case, I thought
I'd let you know we're safe. Let's hope the house remains that way as
well! Cross your fingers!

Hitting the road

Woke up at 3am this morning - my usual get up and pee time - so I woke
Ruben and asked if we should just go ahead and start getting ready to
leave. We laid and talked for a bit till we were good and awake then
got out of bed. He woke Danny and together they packed up the Durango.
Even with one of those hitch hauls we've got a pretty full load. We
have packed luggage for 4 plus an item or two for Lexie. We have 2
coolers and 2 gas tanks. Then we also have a container with all our
important docs, 2 cropper hopper picture holders, another container
filled with more pix, albums, hard drives, my mom's stuff - bags of
stuff Natalie packed up (toys, movies, games) - our laptops, one of
Ruben's PS3 (for movies), a portable DVD player with screen, all of
our cameras, my meds, our chargers and all our iPods except Ruben left
his in his truck. We have a couple little blankies and some pillows
and anything or everything else we could think off. Then we piled
into the packed car and hit the road. We've been driving for almost an
hour now. There's quite a bit of cars on the road but the drive thus
far has been moving right along. It's a good thing we left when we did
- which was about 4:30ish.
Ruben called the hotel last night and added on a day so we could check
in today rather than on Sunday - which is a miracle we got a room
since everything up to TN is booked plus the fact it is Labor Day
All we can do now is hope and pray our house weathers the storm.
Please keep us in your thoughts.


"Whoever said winning isn't everything never had to fight cancer"


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Thank Goodness For Neighbors

Just as my panic hit the fan our neighbor Nina told us she found the
boards to our windows in her attic. Guess the old owners gave them
away to be used as scrap wood - which totally saved us as we have no
time to cut the plywood we just bought. It looks like most windows
will now have boards. We gave the plywood we just bought away to
neighbors across the street who have nothing.

Evacuaction looks to be mandatory

Gustav just WON'T go away - at least not yet - and according to all the models it looks as though this hurricane will be right on top of us come Tuesday. St. Charles Parish is calling so far for a mandatory evacuation come noon tomorrow. I just received an email from the school district that the school's will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Right now NONE of the scenarios look good for us, as the Westbank levees were not re-built after Katrina. They are not strong enough for a category 3 hurricane. I really, really love my house - and this news panics me to the core. I need a frozen margarita or a xanax. Ruben just told me that our shutters won't work. Luckily Danny and I just bought 15 4x8 sheets of plywood - but we're not sure if we have enough time to cut them and board up the lower windows - let alone have enough plywood for all the lower windows! I need to go do another load of laundry and begin packing. We need to pack a cooler....ah, so much to do and not enough time to do it in. Just breathe........


And I Thought Yesterday Was Bad.....

Today with Gustav threatening the Gulf, I've had to gather important documents - homeowner's policy, birth certificates, wills, tax records - and put them with my mother's & grandfather's ashes, my jewelry, our guns, hard drives and all my photos, so we can grab it all quickly in case we do end up having to evacuate. We have reservations already made for a week in Shreveport - which will cost us nearly as much as our monthly mortgage - plus all the additional costs - and those costs would really be through the roof if only we could get our hands on some lumber to board up our windows that don't have shutters. None of this is helping my anxiety - and the funniest thought of it all is that I literally have thousands of dollars worth of scrapbook supplies. I know that should be the least of my concerns, but I keep thinking what if my tree comes through my roof or the roof caves and everything gets soaked. All this prep work is eating away at my stomach. Today my acid reflux flared up as I called my prescription refill service to see about getting early refills on my meds. The taste of stomach acid is truly disgusting. It makes me wonder if all the yogurt I've been eating is somehow behind it? Hmmm.


It's a Sad, Sad Day.

At 6:45 am, I received a horrible email letting me know that an old friend - someone who was like family to me, passed away on Friday 22nd at 12:30am. This news immediately made me sick to my stomach, sent chills down my spine and made my heart ache.

You see, 17 years ago I moved to Hawaii after growing up in IL all my life. My newly acquired step-dad was in the Navy and had been transferred there. As soon as we stepped off the plane there was this group of ladies waiting for us with a sign bearing our last name. I thought for sure they had the wrong group, but as it turned out they were all wives of Navy Submariners assigned to the same sub my step-dad was going to. Immediately Rhonda become like a sister to me - I was only 17, she in her 30's near my own sister's age. She fit perfectly as friends for both myself and my mother. We often spent weekends at a bar on base - playing pool, knocking back test-tube shots (even though I was under-age) and listening to them all sing karaoke. 16 years ago when I was 18 I was in the hospital delivery room when she gave birth to her daughter. At the time I thought it would be the best form of birth control known to man, but instead after watching all the screaming, cursing, intense pain of natural child-birth - I saw this little baby girl that just seemed to make it all worth it. I often watched her kids. We were so close that even her 5 year old boy served as the ring bearer to my first marriage. But shortly after the wedding we ended up moving to IL and I lost touch. After I left, my sister had moved to HI to start a new life, and they wound up becoming very good friends.

After my first marriage failed, I moved to NV to live with my parents who moved there once my step-dad retired. Somewhere during that time R&D left HI and headed to the east coast. My sister and I often tried to re-gain touch with our long lost friend, when one day my sister hit the jackpot. It was shortly after that, about 11 years ago that my sister had emailed me and told me about the horrifying accident they had been in. They were lucky to be alive. The kids (now 3 of them) all walked away with very minor injuries. Her husband had some broken bones, but was otherwise okay. She suffered the worst, as the car t-boned them where she had been sitting. She didn't walk away from the accident, she wheeled. The accident left her paralyzed from the arms down. Because of her injury there was no way she'd ever walk again. But despite it all she remained so upbeat and positive. All she cared about was the fact that her kids were okay.

Over the years we managed to stay in touch as they moved further up the east coast, then to Reno - and as I moved from Vegas, to Elko. We missed each other in Northern Nevada, as shortly after my move there I was diagnosed with cancer and had spent most of my time in Vegas for treatment or recovering from various surgeries. She was no stranger to surgeries either. The accident had left her with many complications often needing hospital stays or surgery. Those 400 miles that separated us, may have kept us from seeing each other - but we were still close in heart. Then 2 years ago after my mother passed away, we moved to New Orleans - and I knew my chances of ever seeing her again became slim to none. She couldn't fly because of her condition, and for me life just always got in the way.

Last year she finally gotten approval to have gastric by-pass done. Being in a chair meant she could not exercise, and well, we just all can't be stick thin. Because of a shitty deal with the whole accident, she was mostly left with no-one but her own family to care for her - meaning her hubby had to get her in and out of that chair day in and day out. Not only would weight loss surgery be useful to him, but it would also help relieve many complications of her condition - such as bed-sores. She was very excited about the whole thing and was off to a great start.

Slowly I started hearing less and less from her. I often wondered if she had been experiencing more complications or if it were money problems that kept her from sending her positive, upbeat emails that she would often send. Many times I meant to call, but earlier this year my breast cancer returned and I underwent more surgeries, then daily radiation. Also the 2 hour time difference didn't help matters much. I deeply regret not finding the time to call and check on her. I may not have been able to provide any financial support, but I know from my personal experience with cancer, that a friendly ear is often the best form of therapy there is. I should have been there for her. I know that it probably wouldn't have changed the outcome, but at least I would have peace of mind knowing that she was not alone - that I did what I could, and that I had been there for her. But for the moment, like her, I will focus on the positive.

What I remember most about Rhonda was that she was a believer. She was positive and upbeat, even in the darkest days. When life handed her lemons, she made lemonade. She was funny, and thoughtful and kind. She had an infectious laughter about her, and she was a great person to know and to be around. I know for one, that I will miss her, as will her family.

Rest in peace Rhonda. You will be missed. On your way up, please tell my mom that I love and miss her.


So far behind.....

Lord knows that in between 3 major moves in that last 5 years, breast cancer twice in just 3 years, and life in general I am waaaayyyy behind on scrapbooking! My studio is a complete mess, and I am at a total loss on how to organize things properly - which I find so funny, cause anyone I used to work with could tell you that my desk & I were extremely organized! I just have so many die cuts, stickers, elements and other embellishments - and I don't know what to do with them. It has become so bad that even *I* have cut myself off from buying scrap stuff! Well the paper kind at least. LOL. One of my old circle chat buddies turned me onto digi-scrap freebies - and on occasion I end up buying certain kits that I fall in love with. Such as the one below.....the whole kit only cost me $3.00 and I didn't even use all of the pieces. Not bad eh? Though I must admit I also scrap-lifted the lay-out from my friend.


We Had Crabs.......

Boiled ones - with crab boil seasoning, corn cobblets, and red potatoes......and these aren't your Alaskan Crab legs or even Snow Crabs. These crabs are regional, just like the crawfish. You go buy how ever many you want and get your 5 gallon pot ready - fill it with water, seasoning, corn, potatoes and bring it to a boil and toss in the crabs, crawfish, shrimp or all 3. That there is what you call a boil and often it's a party. Or you do like we did today - Ruben was drafting his Fantasy Football League and had a couple co-workers over. One was nice enough to stop at this lil' place called the Seafood Pot over in Destreham and picked up up a dozen and a half crabs and a couple bags each of corn cobblets and potatoes. The other provided the shell crackers and taught me just how you take them apart and eat them - Ruben had already had the experience at work, so he knew what he was doing. I needed to be taught, as I'm not one to eat the lungs and inards of a crab. Once you crack them open it's hard to tell what is what - so it's always best to have knowledgeable help the first time around. I ended up having to go through like 5 crabs as Natalie really liked them as well - and of course Lexie got herself some too. It's a lot of work for just a little meat, but they are sooooo good - oh and the corn and potatoes are very flavorful and full of spice from the boil seasoning. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Now I don't know about actually having a boil as we'd first have to buy the pot - and that alone is upwards of $90 - then there's all the prep crawfish have to be cleaned (put them in salt water, then rinse and repeat until the water is clear and no more mud in them - and it can take several cycles to prep them for the boil.) I'd much rather just buy them already prepared, such as today - though having a boil is a big deal. You usually invite many friends, have some beers, lay out the newspaper, and go to town - though it's work to do, it's all about the experience and the friends. But I'd say that our experience was just as nice and we skipped some of the hard work! Other than family, they were the first guests we've had in our house. Even the neighbors have not seen the whole house - cause it's often a mess, LOL - but we straightened up our "lived" in house quite a bit before they came cause we wanted it to at least look presentable.

So now out bellies are all full, our hands stink of crab stench and we're too tired to get up and go to the store - but it can wait till tomorrow. We're waiting to see what Tropical Storm Fay is going to do....if it gets worse it's upgraded to a full fledge hurricane....if it dies down, it's downgraded to a tropical depression. Let's hope for the later, cause it's pretty much heading this way. Right now they are saying it could be here as early as tomorrow night - but you know how weather changes and the weatherman is wrong half the time. So let's hope that's the case here cause I don't want my house or possessions to get all effed up. Hello, remember Katrina? C'mon Mother Nature, cut us a break - I think this city deserves it!

In other news I spoke with my brother today - just wanted to check up on him and see how he's doing these days. Usually it's impossible to get a hold of him since he works 2 jobs, but I managed to reach him this morning without a problem and all is well - which makes me happy! He said he's in need of some socks, which is do-able. We usually send him a care package of some clothes or shoes at least once a year. He struggles at times, and is the reason he works 2 jobs just so he can make ends meet. It's not really the life I want for him - but he's just not ready to give up Vegas and come live with us - even though it would pretty much mean living rent free. All I can do is wait till he's tired of working 2 jobs and is ready to retire. I wish my other brother who also lives in Vegas wasn't as selfish as he is - the asshole refused to him a $4 gallon of milk. At least my sister in Hawaii is happy to help out as much as she can. To some people family actually means something.

Anyway, I'm tired, I need more cold medicine, need to wash my hands - again, and I wanna put my pj's on and get comfy - maybe even lay in bed and watch a movie......ah, that sounds so nice!


A LO to share

Been feeling sick (damn sinuses!) and tired (still recouping from our visitor!) yet today I had a major creative bug up my ass. My scrap studio is a giant mess, so instead I resorted to digi-scrapping. It's basic, but creatively satisfying. Enjoy.


Weekend Round-up.......Life Back to Normal

For the last week we've been playing tourist with Ruben's cousin who was visiting from L.A. We shopped the Quarter, went to Audubon Park, toured Mardi Gras World, saw the Aquarium, viewed the plantation from many movies, and watched the 1st pre-season Saints football game. It was quite a busy week - we took many pictures (now posted on Flickr), ate some of the most amazing food, and had an awesome time enjoying the sites.
Saturday, Natalie decided she did not want to attend the pre-season game - so she stayed with some neighbors. She was having such a blast playing with their daughter that she decided to spend the night - which gave us the freedom to enjoy a late night out. It was a pretty big event as it was Natalie's 1st sleep-over at a friends house. When I got up in the morning I called to check on her - they had just began breakfast, so I told them to send her home when ever they got tired of her. Hours passed and still no sign of Natalie, so I called again to check on her and found that she was swimming with the other neighbors. I guess she was having so much fun she just didn't want to come home, but she had to after the swim so she could bath and get ready for school today.
It was a nice break to have all to ourselves, as Ruben's cousin had left first thing Sunday morning. I just have no idea how I will ever repay them. We'd take their daughter for a night, but she's afraid of our dog - which is funny cause she is totally harmless. I'm sure we'll figure something out.
So that was our week in a nutshell. Now we are just chilling at home - and back to trying to eat healthy.
Check out the 1000+ photos on Flickr


Go Saints!!!!!!

Natalie decided she didn't want to come so luckily one of our
neighbors agreed to watch her for the night. So needless to say I
won't be uploading any pix tonight. Oh well there's always tomorrow.

Yay pre-season football, yummy food and adult fun. Geaux Saints!!

Fishy Fishies

Yesterday after Mardi Gras World -we hit the Riverwalk and ate and
shopped. Then we went to the Aquarium. It was raining out so it was
nice and dry and cool inside.
Natalie and I pet stringrays and a baby shark. They had a lot to see
and do there - and not just ocean stuff but aquatic life from the
Mississippi as well as the Louisiana area. We all enjoyed it and I
have TONS of pix to upload to Flickr......if I ever get time.
Tonight Ruben has tix for a pre-season Saints game against the Houston
Texans. I'll be staying home while they go to the game. We only have 4
seats so I offered to stay at home so he can take his cousin who
leaves tomorrow. Besides. We're hoping/planning/trying to get 3 seats
for the game against Oakland Raiders in October. We need to find and
buy them soon before they become overly inflated. On the ticket
exchange, where you buy seats from season ticket holders - 3 tickets
are about $350 at the moment. I'm just waiting on my check so we can
buy them. Hopefully the price won't change before then - otherwise
he'll be going alone.


The Saints Are Coming......

This dude is going to London for a NFL game against the Chargers.

Krewe of Boo Voodoo Float

This halloween there's gonna be a mardi gras style parade. Here is one
of the many floats.

Blaine Kern's Mardu Gras World

Here's Natalie playing dress up in Mardi Gras attire.


The House That Ann "Built"

We visited Oak Alley Plantation today which is the plantation house
used in the movie "Interview with a Vampire".
When I get home later I will be sure to post the other pix to my
Flickr account. Right now we're on our way to Cracker Barrel for a
late breakfast. Yummmmmm.

Inside St. Louis Cathedral

Been playing tourist with Ruben's cousin while she's here visiting
from L.A.
Yesterday we hit the Quarter - shopped the open French Market while
braving the rain - which was niiiiice. The rain definitely cooled
things down. We saw Jackson Square, St.Louis Cathedral, shopped lots
and ate beignets....the staple of N'awlins.
Pictured is the inside of the cathedral.


Les Guitar

Here is Nat's guitar. I'm wondering if I should have gotten a bass instead of a 6 string......well I always have 60 days to sit and think about my purchase - though I don't recall a 4 string starter set. Hmm, decisions decisions. 
Black, Group Shot 

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Brainfreeze Good

Decided to treat myself. Been craving a frozen margarita for a while
now, but I'm sure this is chock full of calories. They are so easy to
get when the place has a drive thru - super convienant on a rainy day!
I saw my plastic surgeon today, because of my burn reconstruction is
on hold for another 3 months.....sigh.
I also bought Nat her guitar gear today. The shit cost me $440. Damn I
hope she rocks!


Hot Fun In The Summer Sun

Today we're at the country club swimming pool for one of Natalie's
neighborhood friends birthday party. She's in the pool staying cool
while we sweat our asses off under the pavillion. Today is sunny and
hot as a mutha effer. What happened to all the rain and cloud?


We've Got Air

We've had people looking at our air all week, and have gotten many estimates and opinions. The thought of spending upwards of $7000 to replace one makes me nauseous - especially when our current units are only 9 years old. Yesterday one of the technicians offered some strange advice - which was to turn the thermostat down to 75 (we normally keep it at 78 and suffered a $300 electric bill last month.) I guess that turning the air down is the best solution to help control the humidity - which has been relatively 50% and above. So I guess the unit has been working harder in an attempt to stay cool. The one thing that totally didn't make sense to us was replacing the unit with one the exact size and seer. So a friend sent over someone they know and he looked at everything, put in some freon and now it's cold again. YAY! Problem fixed for at least a little while - and it hardly costs us a thing! Even better!


Feeling Strange......

Today before leaving the house for a doctor appt., my daughter kissed
me - and I don't know if it was her kissing me or me kissing her, but
I felt a warm tingly sensation that reminded me of my mom. It felt
just like she kissed me or something. Once I got in the car my eyes
welled up with tears. It was quite a strange feeling.

So tell me, do you believe in angels or the lingering souls of those
who have passed?

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Something I haven't seen in a long time!

I just don't understand how prices are down from $4 when there is
still spilled oil on the Mississippi.......
In any case, this makes me :)


What Now?

Today is the first day in like forever that my 3 o'clock time slot has been open. I'm not quite sure what to do to fill the void. Tomorrow I have a doctors appt. with Dr. R, then Friday & Saturday I have A/C people coming out to give estimates. Next week we meet Natalie's new teacher, then school starts on the 13th. Ruben's cousin is coming out from LA to visit next week, and I have sporadic doctors appts. through the 19th - but basically most days I am least until I start chemo, which should be likely around the end of the month. With all this free time I'm not exactly sure what to do with myself - though I have a laundry list of items I should be doing. Such as organize my scrap studio once and for all - but I'm sure we'll be spending plenty of time this weekend cleaning up before Ruben's cousin comes. I have a HUGE pile of clothing to donate, which once gone will certainly clear some space!
But I think for today I will treat myself, as I just "graduated" from radiation. I wanted to get a frozen Margarita, but I knew it would blow all my efforts I've made thus far to change the way we eat and drink. So given that, even cake was out. So I think since I am sticking to a sensible eating plan, I'll instead enjoy myself by playing some guitar hero.


I graduated!

Finished my last radiation today. Here is the diploma they gave me.
Cool ain't it?


It's Hot, I'm Tired and I'm Cranky

It seems over the last month our upstairs a/c unit has been getting worse. First we tried going through the warranty company - but they kicked it back saying it's all pre-existing conditions.......well duh, we did buy our house this way! I can't help if they used a unit that was too small for the amount of square feet we have....and the way they designed the duct work was out of my control!

So today before I left for radiation, a provider for Home Depot came over to check things out. He agreed with some of the items the warranty contracted company wrote up - however he informed us that our unit is of the correct size, and there is something wrong with it - most likely the compressor. He wrote up an estimate of $7,100 to replace the unit and repair all the duct work or other issues found. Still I think $7,100 quite a large sum for only a 2 1/2 ton 13 seer unit! Needless to say my HD CC does not have a limit quite that high - and I'm not sure if I want to touch the HELOC or dip into our savings. We might be able to repair the unit with a new compressor - but first I need to figure out the best financial approach to this problem. Till I do, and we get it fixed or replaced it will remain only cool upstairs instead of COLD.

After radiation I went to the grocery store and stocked up on fruit, fish and yogurt. I'm fighting a big freaken headache right now cause I've DRASTICALLY cut back on caffeine. I've only had ONE soda today. Trying to cut out those empty calories and eat healthy. My day consists of small snack every 2-3 hours and LOTS of water. I feel so bloated, and I'm pissing like a pregnant woman. My bladder was not meant to hold 8 glasses of water!



A while ago Ruben was hit on his way to work. His truck was not really
damaged that much, but the lady that hit him effed her car up BAD! To
top it off, the accident happened in front of some cops - who ticketed
her for being at fault.
Well first thing Friday morning our doorbell rang - it was a cop
serving him a supeona cause this chick is suing the state. We're not
sure why or what side he's a witness for. Guess well find out come the

Then to top it off I got something in the mail from Jeff Parish. I got
nailed running a red light. They sent pix with $110 just
happened last week on my way home from treatment. SHIT!!! This SUCKS!!!

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Community EDU

Got the new Fall Community Education schedule the other day. They look to have a good variety this semester. So many good ones it's hard to choose.

First off there is a great course on book publishing, and another on writing for trade magazines and trade journals. It's taught by writer who has had over a dozen books published, as well as hundreds of articles......these both would be VERY useful courses for me to take to help get my book up and published and move on from writing blog Q&A's to magazines. Each course is $75 plus another $20 supply fee each. But the dates allow for attending both classes.

There a several classes I'd like to enroll Natalie in - but I have to check her interest, and the schedules first. Here are a few of the classes I'm considering:

Taekwondo for Juniors - $90 plus uniforms
Little Tennis - $70
CATZ Youth Fitness Program - $45
Wetland Express Mobile - $5 (mobile bus that brings swamp animals to teach kids about the importance of preservation)
And my fave.....
Acoustic & Electric Guitar for Beginners - $70 plus the cost of a guitar & amp (which you can get a beginner kit on eBay for less than $100).

I think the whole guitar course would be cool cause none of her friends have done it and I'd like her to be musically inclined. I think she would like learning the guitar, the Taekwondo course & the Wetlands bus.

What do y'all think?
I want a balance if interest, learning, and activity. If I don't sign up by the 31st, we may miss the boat and the courses may not be offered next semester.


What a Day.......

My day started off poorly with a major iTunes flub. I went to delete duplicates, as I saw that there were several repeats of some songs - and somehow in the process I lost over 2,000 songs. In the process of trying to find them (they were located in two separate folders, one on another drive) trying to fix tags, and d/l new songs; I found that time got away from me. I ended up spending 5+ hours just to update Natalie's Nano & my iPod....and that was not even enough time to finish the job. We'll likely have to "delete" all the music, then pull it out of the folders and place it back into iTunes - then formulate playlists for Ruben, Natalie and myself. It was all rather frustrating!

When I finally made it out of the house to head to radiation, I found that it was a torrential DOWNPOUR of rain! I get to the bridge, and while my side was clear, I noticed that traffic was severely backed up on the other side. Seems there was an accident that took out a 6' section of railing - the railing that separates you from the Mississippi. The accident happened around 8am, and as Ruben drove home at 5:30 one lane was still closed. I had ended up coming home a different route, as it was still closed when I was done with radiation.
Speaking of radiation.....I'm not exactly sure what has happened, all I can do is chalk it up to new math, because by my calculations I'm not done till August 11th - I'm doing 31 sessions, but as the tech told me today I only have 2 left, so my last day is TUESDAY - YAY!!!!!!! That will give me sufficient time for my burn to ease up just in time to meet my new chemo doc - or at least I hope it will!

I'm sitting here watching the news, and our 7 day forecast is 92 and rainy every day except Sunday. Damn I'm tired of this rain! They also said the Coast Guards been working on that oil spill that happened over a week ago, and so far they have cleaned up about 100,000 gallons of the 419,000 spilled. Jeez, at this rate it will take MONTHS to clean up!

And finally, in honor of updating my iPod and rocking out half the day. In Lora fashion, below is a list of a few songs that randomly popped up that are not just my favorites, but ones I had to replay a few times just because it takes so long for them to come back around. I need to work on tagging my songs better, so I can listen more efficiently! People on the road today must have thought I was nuts the way I was singing and dancing in my Durango!

Finger Elven - Paralyzer
Fave lyrics: I'm not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you I want to make you move Because you're standing still If your body matches What your eyes can do.

Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch (Dirty Version - so NSFW!)
Fave lyrics: You're a crazy bitch But you fuck so good I'm on top of it When I dream I'm doing you all night Scratches all down my back,
You're crazy but I like the way you fuck me.

Lustra - Scotty Doesn't Know (from Eurotrip video with Matt Damon as singer)
Fave lyrics: Scotty doesn't know That Fionna and me Do it in my van every Sunday She tells him shes in church But she doesn't go Still shes on her knees.

Fort Minor - Remember the Name
Fave lyrics: This is 10% luck 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain And a 100% reason To remember the name.

Music Day

This morning when Natalie woke up she promptly informed me that her iPod Nano wasn't working. We've had this problem before with it - last time it just needed an update, and it seemed it did this time s well. I kinda egret not just getting her a regular one after all the update issues we've had! Through the course of downloading and installing the update, all the misc was lost. This sucks. We have a pretty large music library - though nothing like Lora's - and we each have our own folder, so it makes syncing easier...instead of having 3 accounts. Well her folder is empty so I will be spending most of my day filling it up, as well as re-vamping mine cause I'm d/l new music. Lora had turned me on to this free DJ Music Mashups, which you can find the links for here to download yourself f you so choose.

I'm also thinking of doing another blog - it's not like I have all this free time, it will just be a lil pet project to see if I can get it off the ground and get others involved. It's called Tales From Our Scales. I'm hoping for it to be a weight loss experience for all to participate in.

So I'm sure y'all want to know about my doctor visit yesterday. One word DISASTER! I had only met with this guy one time, and I recall then that I spent FOREVER waiting and yesterday was no exception. I waited an 1 1/2 hours for him cause the DUMBASS took his 12:00 patient AHEAD of ME, his 11:30! Then to top it off he was just a major egotistical prick - and spent a grand total of 15 minutes with me. He's had my records since April, he's gotten updates from ALL my doctors and yet with ALL this INFO he could not tell me what treatment plan he was going to give me - even though he's had MONTHS! I was livid. The man knows I am almost complete with radiation - my last day is August 11th. He should know how long I need to go and what cocktail I should get, ESPECIALLY since I've had chemo before nd that plays a HUGE role in what drugs he CAN give me. I was LIVID. He told me I wouldn't find better doctor...wanna bet? His medical group has an office over here on the Westbank that Dr. Black does not practice in. It will also be somewhat closer for me to get chemo at. So yesterday I made an appointment with someone who has a good reputation for having a good bedside manner, and arranged for my records to be transferred. I will see Dr. K on the 19th - which is okay cause I was told that I will need to wait for this burn to clear up some before I can even start chemo.

Ok, so here I am going through iTunes - I'm d/l songs, trying to fix tags and I just realized I've been doing this since 7am and I'm nowhere close to being done. I haven't even synced. I think I'm trying to do too much at once - so I guess it's back o the tunes....gotta get this iPods loaded up soon.

Happy Friday!