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Hitting the road

Woke up at 3am this morning - my usual get up and pee time - so I woke
Ruben and asked if we should just go ahead and start getting ready to
leave. We laid and talked for a bit till we were good and awake then
got out of bed. He woke Danny and together they packed up the Durango.
Even with one of those hitch hauls we've got a pretty full load. We
have packed luggage for 4 plus an item or two for Lexie. We have 2
coolers and 2 gas tanks. Then we also have a container with all our
important docs, 2 cropper hopper picture holders, another container
filled with more pix, albums, hard drives, my mom's stuff - bags of
stuff Natalie packed up (toys, movies, games) - our laptops, one of
Ruben's PS3 (for movies), a portable DVD player with screen, all of
our cameras, my meds, our chargers and all our iPods except Ruben left
his in his truck. We have a couple little blankies and some pillows
and anything or everything else we could think off. Then we piled
into the packed car and hit the road. We've been driving for almost an
hour now. There's quite a bit of cars on the road but the drive thus
far has been moving right along. It's a good thing we left when we did
- which was about 4:30ish.
Ruben called the hotel last night and added on a day so we could check
in today rather than on Sunday - which is a miracle we got a room
since everything up to TN is booked plus the fact it is Labor Day
All we can do now is hope and pray our house weathers the storm.
Please keep us in your thoughts.


"Whoever said winning isn't everything never had to fight cancer"


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