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Feeling Strange......

Today before leaving the house for a doctor appt., my daughter kissed
me - and I don't know if it was her kissing me or me kissing her, but
I felt a warm tingly sensation that reminded me of my mom. It felt
just like she kissed me or something. Once I got in the car my eyes
welled up with tears. It was quite a strange feeling.

So tell me, do you believe in angels or the lingering souls of those
who have passed?

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NotPerfectDeb said...

I believe they live in your hearts so they are always with you.

Katy Widrick said...


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Shannon said...

Hey Angi,

I believe they do exist, although I have yet to have a sign from my mom. Maybe she has sent them, and I just don't know what Im looking for. I know other people have had the feeling that she was there. But unfortunately, I haven't. But when someone loves us as much as our moms did, I find it hard to believe that that energy just disappears.