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Evacuaction looks to be mandatory

Gustav just WON'T go away - at least not yet - and according to all the models it looks as though this hurricane will be right on top of us come Tuesday. St. Charles Parish is calling so far for a mandatory evacuation come noon tomorrow. I just received an email from the school district that the school's will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Right now NONE of the scenarios look good for us, as the Westbank levees were not re-built after Katrina. They are not strong enough for a category 3 hurricane. I really, really love my house - and this news panics me to the core. I need a frozen margarita or a xanax. Ruben just told me that our shutters won't work. Luckily Danny and I just bought 15 4x8 sheets of plywood - but we're not sure if we have enough time to cut them and board up the lower windows - let alone have enough plywood for all the lower windows! I need to go do another load of laundry and begin packing. We need to pack a cooler....ah, so much to do and not enough time to do it in. Just breathe........

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