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So far behind.....

Lord knows that in between 3 major moves in that last 5 years, breast cancer twice in just 3 years, and life in general I am waaaayyyy behind on scrapbooking! My studio is a complete mess, and I am at a total loss on how to organize things properly - which I find so funny, cause anyone I used to work with could tell you that my desk & I were extremely organized! I just have so many die cuts, stickers, elements and other embellishments - and I don't know what to do with them. It has become so bad that even *I* have cut myself off from buying scrap stuff! Well the paper kind at least. LOL. One of my old circle chat buddies turned me onto digi-scrap freebies - and on occasion I end up buying certain kits that I fall in love with. Such as the one below.....the whole kit only cost me $3.00 and I didn't even use all of the pieces. Not bad eh? Though I must admit I also scrap-lifted the lay-out from my friend.

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