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A while ago Ruben was hit on his way to work. His truck was not really
damaged that much, but the lady that hit him effed her car up BAD! To
top it off, the accident happened in front of some cops - who ticketed
her for being at fault.
Well first thing Friday morning our doorbell rang - it was a cop
serving him a supeona cause this chick is suing the state. We're not
sure why or what side he's a witness for. Guess well find out come the

Then to top it off I got something in the mail from Jeff Parish. I got
nailed running a red light. They sent pix with $110 just
happened last week on my way home from treatment. SHIT!!! This SUCKS!!!

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LoraLoo said...

What the hell could she be suing the state for? Sigh. So Ruben gets pulled into the middle for something he was the victim of to begin with?