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We Had Crabs.......

Boiled ones - with crab boil seasoning, corn cobblets, and red potatoes......and these aren't your Alaskan Crab legs or even Snow Crabs. These crabs are regional, just like the crawfish. You go buy how ever many you want and get your 5 gallon pot ready - fill it with water, seasoning, corn, potatoes and bring it to a boil and toss in the crabs, crawfish, shrimp or all 3. That there is what you call a boil and often it's a party. Or you do like we did today - Ruben was drafting his Fantasy Football League and had a couple co-workers over. One was nice enough to stop at this lil' place called the Seafood Pot over in Destreham and picked up up a dozen and a half crabs and a couple bags each of corn cobblets and potatoes. The other provided the shell crackers and taught me just how you take them apart and eat them - Ruben had already had the experience at work, so he knew what he was doing. I needed to be taught, as I'm not one to eat the lungs and inards of a crab. Once you crack them open it's hard to tell what is what - so it's always best to have knowledgeable help the first time around. I ended up having to go through like 5 crabs as Natalie really liked them as well - and of course Lexie got herself some too. It's a lot of work for just a little meat, but they are sooooo good - oh and the corn and potatoes are very flavorful and full of spice from the boil seasoning. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Now I don't know about actually having a boil as we'd first have to buy the pot - and that alone is upwards of $90 - then there's all the prep crawfish have to be cleaned (put them in salt water, then rinse and repeat until the water is clear and no more mud in them - and it can take several cycles to prep them for the boil.) I'd much rather just buy them already prepared, such as today - though having a boil is a big deal. You usually invite many friends, have some beers, lay out the newspaper, and go to town - though it's work to do, it's all about the experience and the friends. But I'd say that our experience was just as nice and we skipped some of the hard work! Other than family, they were the first guests we've had in our house. Even the neighbors have not seen the whole house - cause it's often a mess, LOL - but we straightened up our "lived" in house quite a bit before they came cause we wanted it to at least look presentable.

So now out bellies are all full, our hands stink of crab stench and we're too tired to get up and go to the store - but it can wait till tomorrow. We're waiting to see what Tropical Storm Fay is going to do....if it gets worse it's upgraded to a full fledge hurricane....if it dies down, it's downgraded to a tropical depression. Let's hope for the later, cause it's pretty much heading this way. Right now they are saying it could be here as early as tomorrow night - but you know how weather changes and the weatherman is wrong half the time. So let's hope that's the case here cause I don't want my house or possessions to get all effed up. Hello, remember Katrina? C'mon Mother Nature, cut us a break - I think this city deserves it!

In other news I spoke with my brother today - just wanted to check up on him and see how he's doing these days. Usually it's impossible to get a hold of him since he works 2 jobs, but I managed to reach him this morning without a problem and all is well - which makes me happy! He said he's in need of some socks, which is do-able. We usually send him a care package of some clothes or shoes at least once a year. He struggles at times, and is the reason he works 2 jobs just so he can make ends meet. It's not really the life I want for him - but he's just not ready to give up Vegas and come live with us - even though it would pretty much mean living rent free. All I can do is wait till he's tired of working 2 jobs and is ready to retire. I wish my other brother who also lives in Vegas wasn't as selfish as he is - the asshole refused to him a $4 gallon of milk. At least my sister in Hawaii is happy to help out as much as she can. To some people family actually means something.

Anyway, I'm tired, I need more cold medicine, need to wash my hands - again, and I wanna put my pj's on and get comfy - maybe even lay in bed and watch a movie......ah, that sounds so nice!

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Heather said...

Hey Angi!

How are you?! It's great to talk to you again. I don't currently teach in Mandeville, but I've been asked and we are hoping to work out the details. Are you coming to ScrapFest in September here in Mandeville? It's a big crop with vendors from all over the area. I am teaching there as well.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with one of the teachers! Which teacher was it? Maybe I can help.

I had boiled crabs the other day! I bought them prepared because I agree it's a big hassle to do them yourself unless you are having a party and expecting tons of company! I hear you about having a lived in house too! That's exactly how mine is. I actually did some sorting yesterday to throw stuff out!