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We've Got Air

We've had people looking at our air all week, and have gotten many estimates and opinions. The thought of spending upwards of $7000 to replace one makes me nauseous - especially when our current units are only 9 years old. Yesterday one of the technicians offered some strange advice - which was to turn the thermostat down to 75 (we normally keep it at 78 and suffered a $300 electric bill last month.) I guess that turning the air down is the best solution to help control the humidity - which has been relatively 50% and above. So I guess the unit has been working harder in an attempt to stay cool. The one thing that totally didn't make sense to us was replacing the unit with one the exact size and seer. So a friend sent over someone they know and he looked at everything, put in some freon and now it's cold again. YAY! Problem fixed for at least a little while - and it hardly costs us a thing! Even better!

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