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Weekend Round-up.......Life Back to Normal

For the last week we've been playing tourist with Ruben's cousin who was visiting from L.A. We shopped the Quarter, went to Audubon Park, toured Mardi Gras World, saw the Aquarium, viewed the plantation from many movies, and watched the 1st pre-season Saints football game. It was quite a busy week - we took many pictures (now posted on Flickr), ate some of the most amazing food, and had an awesome time enjoying the sites.
Saturday, Natalie decided she did not want to attend the pre-season game - so she stayed with some neighbors. She was having such a blast playing with their daughter that she decided to spend the night - which gave us the freedom to enjoy a late night out. It was a pretty big event as it was Natalie's 1st sleep-over at a friends house. When I got up in the morning I called to check on her - they had just began breakfast, so I told them to send her home when ever they got tired of her. Hours passed and still no sign of Natalie, so I called again to check on her and found that she was swimming with the other neighbors. I guess she was having so much fun she just didn't want to come home, but she had to after the swim so she could bath and get ready for school today.
It was a nice break to have all to ourselves, as Ruben's cousin had left first thing Sunday morning. I just have no idea how I will ever repay them. We'd take their daughter for a night, but she's afraid of our dog - which is funny cause she is totally harmless. I'm sure we'll figure something out.
So that was our week in a nutshell. Now we are just chilling at home - and back to trying to eat healthy.
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