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Got the new Fall Community Education schedule the other day. They look to have a good variety this semester. So many good ones it's hard to choose.

First off there is a great course on book publishing, and another on writing for trade magazines and trade journals. It's taught by writer who has had over a dozen books published, as well as hundreds of articles......these both would be VERY useful courses for me to take to help get my book up and published and move on from writing blog Q&A's to magazines. Each course is $75 plus another $20 supply fee each. But the dates allow for attending both classes.

There a several classes I'd like to enroll Natalie in - but I have to check her interest, and the schedules first. Here are a few of the classes I'm considering:

Taekwondo for Juniors - $90 plus uniforms
Little Tennis - $70
CATZ Youth Fitness Program - $45
Wetland Express Mobile - $5 (mobile bus that brings swamp animals to teach kids about the importance of preservation)
And my fave.....
Acoustic & Electric Guitar for Beginners - $70 plus the cost of a guitar & amp (which you can get a beginner kit on eBay for less than $100).

I think the whole guitar course would be cool cause none of her friends have done it and I'd like her to be musically inclined. I think she would like learning the guitar, the Taekwondo course & the Wetlands bus.

What do y'all think?
I want a balance if interest, learning, and activity. If I don't sign up by the 31st, we may miss the boat and the courses may not be offered next semester.

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LoraLoo said...

Wow they all seem pretty interesting, did you get any Yays or Nays from Natalie yet?

Madison is really bad about extracurricular stuff, I'm hoping she outgrows that in the next year (she gets totally freaked out and I have no idea why, she goes ultra shy). I want her to do some physical stuff to be active, I'm hoping to interest her in dance again or karate but I'd like her to have music lessons too... so let me know how it goes, cause it all sounds fun!