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Today Natalie's school had an Octoberfest-ival at the school. We met her there at 12:30, and for the next 2 hours proceeded to play games, munch on jambalaya, and nachos. Afterwards we checked her out of school early and head to Baton Rouge so we could do some shopping at Kohl's for new shoes for the whole family. We like the selection there, and they usually have some great sales prices. Natalie walked away with 2, and even though I won a free pair from Ryka, I still bought a new pair. I want to get rid of all my old ones, and have a dedicated pair of comfortable walking shoes for the treadmill. Ruben got a new pair, as well as both my brother in Vegas, and his brother who has been staying with us. We're trying to make up for missing Danny's birthday, plus thank him for spending the last few months out here helping us. As for my brother, I always make sure he has plenty of clothes, and the things he needs - as he lives alone in Vegas and is pretty strapped for cash. I also picked up the cutest pair of baby Nike shoes as an x-mas gift for my nephew, who has stolen my heart! As for the rest of x-mas, who the hell knows what will happen!
Anyway, after shopping, we stopped st Joe's Crab Shack and ate dinner. I know, so sacrilegious when you live on the Bayou, but the restaurant chain holds dear memories for both myself and my daughter. It happened to be one of my mom's favorite places. My daughter was practically raised there! J/K! But man did being there bring back some memories, lots and lots of memories. I miss my family so much and wish that I could see them (in person and more often!)

So are y'all excited that it's almost Halloween!?!?!?


I Miss Crops!!

I had a blast today at my Scrap Class. I made the most adorable mini albums, and had a day all to myself! The class began at 11 am and I didn't get home till close till 8 pm! Luckily it was a small class, which meant we spent equal amounts of time talking and scraping. Karen the instructor is going to let me know when she will be hosting the Disney album class again, otherwise she will put together a kit for me to purchase, since I just missed the add on class for it and I told her about my trip to WDW earlier this year. She has some of the cutest little albums.

To see what I made, please visit my Flickr page. The photos I previously posted here didn't quite do justice to the work I had done.



Sorry for being MIA

I've been so busy, sorry I've been MIA. I've been actively chatting in this scrapbooking circle journal group. I've never participated in a CJ before, so there's lots to learn - plus I had to go out and buy the supplies I needed (an 8x8 album, cardstock, etc), and of course I had to think of a theme. Our little group is not one of your everyday sort, and I've been told that these CJ's are not ones that you leave out on the coffee table due to their sensitive nature. They are definitely provocative. It wasn't the nature of the CJ's that drew me to the group, it was the group itself - it harbors some wonderful people. I'm almost certain that my theme will be "Sex, Drugs, & Rock and Roll". I have DCWV RockStar Stack paper that I just love, and I'm dying to use it. So my desire to use that particular paper plays a big part in my theme. Otherwise I think I was leaning towards "Dirty Little Secrets". It will be many months before these CJ's are completed, but I am very excited to not only start, but to see the final results.
This weekend I am going to 2 scrap classes. One is to make an accordion Halloween album and the other is to make an album that when opened is a star shape, that is princess themed in Once Upon a Time. I'm so excited to be doing both these classes, but I have a little problem. I went to the eye doctor on Tuesday cause I am over-due on an eye exam and out of fresh contacts. Well it turns out that I couldn't focus on anything without my lenses. He'd do the whole "1 or 2, 2 or 4" and I would pick the one that seemed the clearest, then he'd ask me to read the line and I'd blink and everything would get blurry. He dilated my eyes and said that I had some kind of cloudy haze and some scratches on my cornea, so he couldn't give me a new contact lens rx, but he did give me a rx for some medicated drops - tobradex. I have to use them 4 times a day for a week then go back for another exam, until them I can only wear my glasses - which not only do I hate, but are the wrong rx. So I've walked into a few walls lately. Also, somehow, I managed to scratch my glasses last night - the right lens, right over my eye. So now it's even harder for me to see! So driving to the scrap store on Saturday and actually scrapping should be real interesting to say the least!
Oh, I also saw my surgeon yesterday. My wound is so close to being closed. I'm expecting a call from his office as to when and where they can schedule a day surgery before Ruben goes to Vegas for his annual Manager's Forum. The doctor asked if I wanted to go ahead and have my wound sewn shut and have a new tissue expander placed - but Ruben wants me to wait for the second part of that procedure as he is going out of town, so for now, he's just going to go in, cut away some hard, dead tissue and sew closed the top layer of my wound. Then in 6 weeks I will go back in to have a tissue expander placed. Hopefully the next try will go well! But I will surely keep all posted


I won, I won!

Today I got a package in the mail. I thought that maybe one of the two scrapbook orders I made online had finally arrived. I ordered them on the 1st, and regardless of a shipping confirmation, I have yet to see either one. Instead I was surprised to find a shoe box. Inside there was a brand new pair of Ryka tennis shoes worth $80. I was shocked because I had not received notification of winning a pair, however my sister did. She enrolled in the give-a-way after the post I made about free shoes back in September.

According to Ryka's Give-a-Way Site, the contest is open till October 25th. Enter for yourself and hopefully you'll win a pair as well!

"You know how when you find some great new product you just can’t wait to share it with your friends? That’s how we feel about our new Fall footwear and apparel line-we think it’s pretty special and we really want you to try it!
So from September 5 to October 25 we are GIVING AWAY 50 pairs of shoes and 50 performance tees EVERY SINGLE DAY. Click below to register and then spread the word-we’ll enter your name in an extra time for every friend you tell who registers as well so get your e-address book ready!
And because we are committed to bringing fitness to ALL women, for every shoe we give to you, we’ll donate one to the
Women’s Sports Foundation to distribute to organizations across the country providing health and wellness programs for women.
Get a shoe, give a shoe-it’s Good For Your Sole!"

Here's the pair I won. Aren't they cute? New shoes for my new treadmill. The Gods must be sending me a message to get my ass up and start working out! LOL!

Easier than blow drying

In case you haven't seen the new pictures I've posted on Flickr, here is one I took that's a different take on the new haircut I got weeks ago. I found that I could dry it straight, but with this humidity here the look didn't last long. But I found that by going with the curls, not only was it easier to do, I also thought it didn't look half bad. What do you think? I know it's a little hard to tell in the picture, for some reason the flash or the lighting just wasn't right to actually see the background and my hair color very well. Anyway, let me know what you think!

Reminder time again

It's been a week now since my last reminder. Sorry, but I must support my own cause. I especially have to take every chance I get in the month of October to remind everyone what month it is. So ladies don't forget! I even have my husband finally wearing a pink breast cancer bracelet after Monday night football when I saw that the NFL was supporting Breast Cancer by wearing pink ribbons on their shirts, using pink Gatorade towels, and by the refs wearing pink bracelets. I thought it's about damn time men support this cause! After all, nobody likes boobs more than men do...well, except for a baby, but they like them for different reasons!



Been a busy little bee with pictures today. I took all these ones below, plus a bunch of my scrap studio, although there's been no work done in there. It's so far from being organized, in fact I believe it is in worse shape than before all due to the fact that Ruben took remaining boxes that needed to be unpacked and stuff on the floor I was preparing to organize pre-op, and he shoved it into any little space he could find. Oh well, so once I am ready it may take weeks to organize, it doesn't matter. I still love the space, even if the mess makes me crazy. Enjoy, and check out all my new uploads on Flickr - it was something close to 90! Hell, I took so many of outside decorations, I couldn't even get them all to go into this mosaic. It will only allow 36 pics, and I had like 47! I still have the pictures I took of myself to upload, a different version of my new cut. I will get those posted soon!
Oh yeah, I'm such an ass. I did the mosaic wrong, kind of. Instead of copying and pasting the code in my post so that when you clicked on a certain picture it would take you to my Flickr account, but instead I saved it as a jpeg file and ended up uploading it like a pictures. Sorry, brain fog or could be from the horrible hot flashes I've been having. Maybe they are boiling my brain. All I know is that last night alone I had 3 drenching wet ones. Nothing worse than waking up wet from head to toe, with sweat literally dripping off your face. I've found that showers are the best thing on earth!


Scrap Haven Found

I finally located 2 scrap stores here in town, well actually across town. I'm so excited! It's actually a good thing that they are located across town from me, that way I won't be in them nearly as often as I would be if they were located just down the street! It's great because they both offer weekly crops and classes. I'm still in shock that the one has been located just across the street from the mall all this time. I mean hell, I've only lived here a year before finding anything other than a Jo's, Mike's, or the new Hobby Lobby out in Houma.
I was looking online at one of the class calendars and found some great classes I just had to sign up for. It's a double class so I will be making 2 mini albums - one is a Halloween accordion style album, and the other one is a Princess star shaped album. The class isn't until the 20th, so I have plenty of time to head over there before the class and check it out. Although I'm not sure if I will be cleared to drive before then, but either way I'm going! I'm tired of being couped up. I need some me time!
I also learned about an annual ScrapFest that will be held in February in Mandeville, which is about an hour and a half away from here. Hopefully, I will get the info soon so I can start saving for the weekend adventure. Finally I can meet some people from around here that have the same interests as me. My neighbors are great and all, but none of them scrap. Although I have talked to my friend Joanna and she may come visit when she gets a chance. I miss all my old friends in Nevada, so it would be awesome if she can come - we'd probably stay up all night scrapping together, that by time her trip would be over, she'd have to call in sick just to get some sleep.

Pink Whatever

Gotta love what you can find on Flickr. I find this so cute!


Baby Steps......

After taking some time off from the treadmill, I woke up this morning and decided that it was time to start over again - even though my hip was still pretty sore. I'm just going to take things pretty easy the first few weeks - no inclines, and a good pace that's not turtle slow or so fast that it causes me to jog. Inclines I will add slowly, I'm alright with them for the most part - BUT - I have no intention to now or ever jog on it. I can walk at an insane brisk pace (ask the hubby!) , but running? Hell no, I'm blonde deep underneath all that red dye. I have no balance, and can't even walk straight when I'm sober. So we'll see how long this regimen of walking several times a day lasts.

Yesterday I saw my plastic surgeon, but unfortunately there's not much to report on. This last healing phase is incredibly slow, and it sucks. So no stitching, no gluing, he just cleaned up the wound and told me to be back in 2 weeks. He also somewhat shattered my dreams by telling me that once it does heal he will make me wait 1 month before doing any other procedure. So much for having new boobs for Christmas. Oh well, not everything goes as planned. I gotta start getting ready for a dentist apptionment. Fun, fun, fun - but the sooner I get this ingrown root pulled, the better!

So .when I get home later, I will fill you in on all the rest and post some pictutes!


Come out, Come out, Who-ever You Are

Ok, so I know you people are out there. I can see a big difference in my daily traffic from what it used to be - Yet even with an increase in traffic, I hardly ever get any comments from you readers. I'd love to get to know some of you - so drop by and say hi, or tell me what you'd like to know or see. I love checking out new blogs, and I quickly become an addict to them - so if you have one, link it with your comments so I can get to know you!

On to other things. I've been using the treadmill, some. I guess I tried to do too much too fast, and over-did it on the 2nd day. So I didn't use it today. My hip is killing me, along with my lower back. I had the speed set too fast, and the incline too high for being a beginner user. I've learned my lesson and will take things a little easier tomorrow!

Don't forget.....

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!!