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Been a busy little bee with pictures today. I took all these ones below, plus a bunch of my scrap studio, although there's been no work done in there. It's so far from being organized, in fact I believe it is in worse shape than before all due to the fact that Ruben took remaining boxes that needed to be unpacked and stuff on the floor I was preparing to organize pre-op, and he shoved it into any little space he could find. Oh well, so once I am ready it may take weeks to organize, it doesn't matter. I still love the space, even if the mess makes me crazy. Enjoy, and check out all my new uploads on Flickr - it was something close to 90! Hell, I took so many of outside decorations, I couldn't even get them all to go into this mosaic. It will only allow 36 pics, and I had like 47! I still have the pictures I took of myself to upload, a different version of my new cut. I will get those posted soon!
Oh yeah, I'm such an ass. I did the mosaic wrong, kind of. Instead of copying and pasting the code in my post so that when you clicked on a certain picture it would take you to my Flickr account, but instead I saved it as a jpeg file and ended up uploading it like a pictures. Sorry, brain fog or could be from the horrible hot flashes I've been having. Maybe they are boiling my brain. All I know is that last night alone I had 3 drenching wet ones. Nothing worse than waking up wet from head to toe, with sweat literally dripping off your face. I've found that showers are the best thing on earth!

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