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Come out, Come out, Who-ever You Are

Ok, so I know you people are out there. I can see a big difference in my daily traffic from what it used to be - Yet even with an increase in traffic, I hardly ever get any comments from you readers. I'd love to get to know some of you - so drop by and say hi, or tell me what you'd like to know or see. I love checking out new blogs, and I quickly become an addict to them - so if you have one, link it with your comments so I can get to know you!

On to other things. I've been using the treadmill, some. I guess I tried to do too much too fast, and over-did it on the 2nd day. So I didn't use it today. My hip is killing me, along with my lower back. I had the speed set too fast, and the incline too high for being a beginner user. I've learned my lesson and will take things a little easier tomorrow!


LoraLoo said...

:::waving::: Hi, I'm here - lurking in the back of the room!!

New workouts can be such a b&^%$. I had to stop jogging and I'm still nursing my shin splints. I didn't walk for two days and probaby shouldn't have tonight - but at least I took a shorter, much slower walk. What's sad is I've been working out since June and jogging was still a bad idea!

Jill Aldrich said...

Hi Angi,

I just found your blog. Love your writing. (I really liked "Insane Humidity")

Like you, I've survived breast cancer and abrupt-onset menopause...and now I'm writing about it (as I manage another hot flash).

I'm at

Would love to know the details of your story. I'll check out your other postings...