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Today Natalie's school had an Octoberfest-ival at the school. We met her there at 12:30, and for the next 2 hours proceeded to play games, munch on jambalaya, and nachos. Afterwards we checked her out of school early and head to Baton Rouge so we could do some shopping at Kohl's for new shoes for the whole family. We like the selection there, and they usually have some great sales prices. Natalie walked away with 2, and even though I won a free pair from Ryka, I still bought a new pair. I want to get rid of all my old ones, and have a dedicated pair of comfortable walking shoes for the treadmill. Ruben got a new pair, as well as both my brother in Vegas, and his brother who has been staying with us. We're trying to make up for missing Danny's birthday, plus thank him for spending the last few months out here helping us. As for my brother, I always make sure he has plenty of clothes, and the things he needs - as he lives alone in Vegas and is pretty strapped for cash. I also picked up the cutest pair of baby Nike shoes as an x-mas gift for my nephew, who has stolen my heart! As for the rest of x-mas, who the hell knows what will happen!
Anyway, after shopping, we stopped st Joe's Crab Shack and ate dinner. I know, so sacrilegious when you live on the Bayou, but the restaurant chain holds dear memories for both myself and my daughter. It happened to be one of my mom's favorite places. My daughter was practically raised there! J/K! But man did being there bring back some memories, lots and lots of memories. I miss my family so much and wish that I could see them (in person and more often!)

So are y'all excited that it's almost Halloween!?!?!?

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