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I Hate Thunderstorms

Damn storms really screwed with my whole radiation schedule. Not only was the machine down Thursday, but it wasn't up on Friday either. That power outage musta really zapped the hell out of something - and what really sucks was that I was mid drive when I found out and I had my mother-in-law and daughter in the car with me. We planned on going to Joann's to buy fabric so she could sew me a few different head scarves. So even though radiation was cancelled I still had to drive into town. Unfortunately I couldn't really postpone the trip either as this is her last week here, and both today & tomorrow I am booked with appointments.

Today I had a follow up with my surgeon Dr. S. She wanted to see how my scar was healing. Things are healing nicely, so I don't need to go back for 3 months. However the last day and a half my dog hasn't been acting well. She's not been eating, she threw up grass, and has just been sad and mopey. Last night I forced some Pepto upon her. I had no problems getting her to drink it, just cleaning up her pink mustache, LOL. Then this morning she still was out of it, and I was told that she was still not eating and wasn't going potty. Must have a stomach blockage, so this morning I forced some Milk of Magnesia and Tylenol upon her. She took it quite well, and by afternoon she was feeling better and finally ate. So tomorrow I take her to the vet for a check up and possibly some shots - then I have radiation - then I meet with Dr. J my plastic surgeon. Yeah fun. Lately I feel like I shouldn't even bother dressing, that I should get my own hospital gown and wear it every where, cause it's not like the appointments will end anytime soon, as I have a list of things to schedule. Oh and I am so tired of all these damn thunderstorms - it stormed like every other hour today! UGH! Hopefully this rain will end soon, or at least not rain during my drive-time!

Hopefully this week won't be as draining on me, and I will be able to blog more =)


Power Outage Ruins Radiation

Today we had lots of thunderstorms, as we've had off and on most of the week. Well it seems that sometime during one of those storms my radiation doctor's office suffered a power outage and the machines went down. Being fickle as they are, the machines required a tech to come out and fix them and get them back online. Of course all this happened while I was on my way there, so I didn't find out till I got there. I wasn't exactly happy to learn I just drove 20 miles for nothing. And depite the machines being down today, I learned that it doesn't change a thing, that I will do 35 treatments no matter what - whether or takes 7 weeks or 14. I just hope the machines are back up tomorrow, or they at least call beforehand and let me know so I don't waste another 1/4 tank of gas!

So while I had the afternoon awake - as radiation makes me so tired. I surfed the net and came across a bewildering picture of my favorite hunkiness. It seems he dropped a lot of weight for a role, but still looks hot despite it. Also many of the commentators on the photo pointed out that while he lost weight, he still looked quite large, giving into the rumors that he is well endowed. Which I can say that since I did in fact watch his sex tape before it was pulled from the internet, that he is indeed so. Yes I know, so naughty of me - but I couldn't help it! Why is it socially acceptable for men to watch porn or get Playboy, but girls are bad if they indulge? I just wish that I had saved the file instead of deleting it. Oh well, guess good ol' fashioned photos will have to do.

So tell me, who is your biggest celeb crush? And what's your thoughts on this photo?


Still Alive

Just thought I'd check in and let you know I'm still alive, just barely able to stay awake! It seems that Radiation is really taking a toll on me. I am always so exhausted - and I've only been through 6 treatments, which means I still have 29 left to go!!! Not helping matters is my damn knee, though it is finally healing (I think.) I'm still hobbling around on a cane - and sometimes it feels ok, and other times I hear it loudly POP then start hurting like hell all over again. It may not be broken, but something is definitely wrong with it!
I went to Sam's over the weekend and bought a super-sized bottle of Glucosamine, Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D and some SAM-e from Walgreen's to help the health of my joints. Hopefully it's never too late to start a regimen, though I think it's pretty safe to say that some damage has already been done. I say that cause my last few bone scans have shown a loss in my bone density. Not a big one, but a gradual loss two years in a row. My biggest problem is taking these huge horse pills. I hate it. I hate taking more pills than I have to, but especially hate taking large ones. They are the ones that seem to upset my stomach the most. No big problems or anything, just a belly ache like you have a stomach full of huge pills. Maybe if I go have a snack it will help some. I'm trying to figure out when is the best time of day to consume them - so far I've tried morning, noon and night and none seem to be the right time, so maybe I should try splitting them up instead of taking them all at once. Any suggestions, cause I really don't want to be some hunched over little lady with weak bones - but man I really, really hate taking supplements!

So on to other things.....have any of you seen the 2nd season for The Two Coreys on A&E. I know there are probably only about 10 viewers besides myself out there. There is a whole lot of speculation going on, as a bombshell was dropped on the first episode that Haim was molested or raped by a friend of Feldman's - who claims that he was also being molested by another person around the same time. It sounds like these two did it all together - molestation, drugs, movies. The blogs are on fire thinking that Michael Jackson had something to do with one, if not both cases - but no names were given as to who did what. I'm wondering if it will come out now that it is national news, or if they will keep the secret for another 20+ years. Yeah I know it's pathetic of me to watch - but what can I say, I had such a crush on Haim as a teenager. In fact I think I still do though he's seen better (and far worse) days! I guess some girls never get over there first celeb crushes =) Besides I still hold hope that he will make a comeback. I may be the only one, but look at Robert Downey Jr. and what he's been through - and now he's back bigger than aver after Iron Man. People make mistakes, it's only human. Everyone deserves a second chance. So I guess that means I root for the underdog, ah well, someone has to!

Well today after treatment I should meet with the doc. Supposedly I will see him once a week through-out treatment. Unfortunately Ruben won't be able to make it to the appoinment cause he left this morning to do some work out of town. I'm not really sure where he went - Shreveport, Gulfport, Baton Rouge....I'm not sure. He tells me these things when I'm half asleep, so I don't ever remember. But I'm hoping to find out what exactly the doctor saw on my scans, and maybe get some answers regarding my treatment and what medication I should be taking if any. I'll keep you posted on what I find out!


Stop Breast Cancer NOW!

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32 More to go

Here I am, day 3 of 35 daily radiation treatments for 7 weeks. Starting with day 1 I was exhausted after receiving my whole 5 minute treatment. Making matters worse is my right knee which I twisted about 3 weeks ago. After limping around in pain I decided it wasn't healing as fast as it should, and made an appointment to see an Orthopedic Surgeon on Friday prior to radiation as the doctor's office is near my treatment facility. I'm tired of limping around or being 34 and having to use a cane for assistance. My knee is swollen and is twice as big as my other, so something is definitely wrong!

Ruben has been taking me to my treatments all this week while he is off on vacation. I'm so thankful his mom is here to help, as I am so tired by time we get home. I often take a quick nap between dinner and bed.

Anyway, here's a picture of the radiation machine.
I posted others on Flickr for you to check out. Now I'm heading to bed before I pass out!


A Belated Tribute to Father's Day

Late Saturday evening, Ruben's mom braved all the nasty turbulent weather to fly in from Vegas. We had been experiencing local thunderstorms off and on all through-out the day. I'm sure it didn't help her flight any. After picking out her luggage, we loaded up the truck and ran over to Sonic to grab a burger, as we all skipped dinner. By time we got home, ate, and caught up a bit - it was well past midnight and time to hit the sack.

Sunday Ruben, the family, and I enjoyed sleeping in just a tad. Once I got up, I grabbed the pork chops out of the freezer so they could start defrosting. I also gathered together all the ingredients needed to make mashed taters, country gravy, and fried green beans with bacon and onions. I had also bought a yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting, so Natalie could bake daddy her first cake. With the exception of slimy eggs, she really enjoyed her first baking experience - not to mention that the cake was a solid hit with every one! Since she did so good for her first time, I have special brownies with sprinkles that I will let her make some other night. As always there are pictures from the days events located on Flickr.

After dinner and cleaning up, Ruben and I played Guitar Hero on the 360. We downloaded some new music for GH II and GH III to practice/play till the Aerosmith version becomes available. I'll tell you some songs were hard even set on easy.....especially the Ozzy songs!

So that was our Father's Day Weekend. Ruben bought some RC parts (tires, shicks, rods, etc) for his 4 trucks and his new car online. That's what he wanted, and it's not something I can buy for him cause I don't know jack about those kind of parts!

His momma also brought us gifts. He got 2 colognes, but I don't remember what they were. She brought me Vera Wang & Gucci. the women knows me! I love perfume and have a giant collection taking up the whole surface of my chest of drawers. I love having a variety - and I'm a perfume whore. I think it's something I picked up from Ruben cause he has quite a collection of cologne! Yeah I know, this was Ruben's weekend - but she always brings gifts for us when she comes to visit. It's kind of funny cause I had also bought her a bottle of Guess Silver perfume, and this awesome peppermint foot massaging gel to revive tired feet. I figured she could use it because she stands on her feet all day at work!

Right now Ruben & his mom ran out to the store to stock up on milk and stuff to eat. He's planning on being home in time to accompany me to my very first radiation appointment - which I need to start getting ready for real soon. My radiation is set for 3pm every day. I'm both very excited and nervous about it. Wish me luck and enjoy the pix!


Finally The Wait Is Over

Yesterday I had my Chest CT Scan (both with & without contrast). I had to fast prior to the test, so afterwards I stopped at the hospital cafe and ate. Big mistake! It was awful tasting. Just a big waste of money. After leaving the hospital, I dropped off 2 comforters to be cleaned, filled up the Durango, and got it detailed. By time I got home I was beat. I sat down on my bed and literally passed out. That nuclear medicine they inject you with is something else. Kinda made me mad cause I missed the first half of the Lakers game. All that extra sleep messed me up anyway, causing me to wake up much too early this morning. With too much time on my hands, it left me up to no good - searching for old friends, or long lost relatives.....which isn't an easy task when you don't quite remember people's names or they have unlisted information. It's something I have done from time to time beginning with my 1st cancer, when chemo wiped my mind, and more often since my mother's death. Do you know how awkward it is to call a number that doesn't belong to who you thought it did? But it's hard to keep in touch when you move every 2 years - not to mention when the people you are trying to locate move every few years! Every now and then I get lucky and score, but more often I don't. So yeah I spent too much time surfing, but I was awaiting a call from Dr. L's office to let me know what my recent scan results were. It appears my results were ok, but I won't get the whole story till I see him. So I'm still not sure what he saw, and if it was indeed a lymph node. Hopefully I will find out more next week - that's when I start my daily radiation treatments for 7 weeks. I'm both nervous and excited about Monday, as I've never done radiation before. Then once I complete that treatment it's off to chemo. Luckily Ruben's mom comes in tomorrow night for 3 whole weeks. I can't wait; with losing my own mom I need her more than anything. Plus it sure will help when I'm exhausted from radiation and don't feel like cooking - when all I want to do is take a nap!


A Daughter Never Forgets

To my Mother who I love and miss more than words can say, Happy 62nd Birthday.

Since July 2006, the days leading up to June 10th - as well as the time between now and July 20th, are seemingly difficult for me, as it is the time I most regularly think about my mom and her passing. It's not to say I don't often think about these days, as some days I think about them daily; and others, like now, I think about it all constantly. I know they say with time all wounds heal, but it seems for me, time just can't come fast enough. I think one of the biggest factors in it all was how suddenly she became ill and passed. Also how her HMO took so long to approve a liver transplant, not giving the okay till she was too ill to travel for the work-up - then she passed just 2 weeks later. Yeah, I hold a lot of grudges when it comes to her death. Grudges because she was taken too early. Grudges that she didn't have a *proper* memorial service. Grudges I don't know if I will ever be able to let go of. But can you blame me? After all, a daughter never forgets.

I love you mom.


Unexpected Problems

I just got a call from Dr. L, there has been a slight problem and my starting of radiation this week is being delayed. Last week I was there getting my specialized CAT scan, getting inked and ready for radiation. But now he is saying that they compared that scan (that was done without any IV contrast or anything) to the scan I had done prior to surgery (that included IV contrast) - and changes appeared on one scan that wasn't on the other, so now I have to go back in and have another scan done with IV contrast to find out what is going on. I asked him what he meant by "changes". He said it appears to be a lymph node. I asked, well don't I normally have lymph nodes in my chest area. He agreed, but said he's concerned why it was on one, but not the other, stating that it could just be a sign of infection. Just prior to my first scan, I had been on some antibiotics to help clear up the acne on my face.
This past week my mind has run rapid - I've been sitting here thinking that if this cancer really has been festering over the last 3 years, how are they so sure it hasn't spread through-out my body. And now I worry that this lymph node, may be my worst dream coming true. Then again it could be absolutely nothing. Maybe it's because over the last several days I've become increasingly more stressed out and my face is starting to show it, so I called in my refill on those antibiotics so they can get to clearing up my face before it gets any worse. Many things have just been compounding, and my child getting slapped by a neighborhood boy certainly didn't help matters any - nor does my constant phone problems or the fact that tomorrow would've been my mom's 62nd birthday, and the 2nd anniversary of her death is quickly nearing. It's these things, along with many more that have me so stressed out and feeling so lost and lonely right now. I once again feel like I am in a very dark place right now, sometimes getting so upset that I can barely breathe before tears finally break. I miss all my friends, and can't wait for time to pass and for things to be normal once more.
Also this whole lymph node possibility has me concerned for more than just a possible infection. Aside from the possibility of the disease spreading is the fact that my mom battled on-going issues with her lymph nodes. Her doctors once thought she had Lymphoma which is a type of cancer. They were always checking hers as they went from large to extra-large in size. In the end nothing was ever found to support the idea, but the following year she turned around and passed away from end stage liver cirrhosis.
If you're not familiar with lymph nodes and the lymph system, know that they are there to help your body transport nutrients and collect waste - and that they often do swell when diseases are present or are fighting an infection. So really it's very hard to tell what is causing this and if any of it really means anything. Yet at the same time knowing this doesn't help to keep you from stressing about it and wondering if a node biopsy will be needed.
All I can do is wait and see. I will keep you posted.


How do you deal with kids & their drama?

Ever since moving here it seems we're constantly facing an uphill battle when it comes to neighborhood kids and the melodrama that accompanies them - and I'm just not sure how to handle it!
Usually when Natalie and her friends are having problems getting along, I usually just tell them to chill out and work things out for themselves. I try not to involve myself too much for many reasons, 1 being that the kids need to learn how to play well with one another and solve their own problems, and 2 that as a newcomer myself to this neighborhood, I feel that I don't have solid, secure friendships with all or even most parents. I don't want to make a rift with others, which is why I often put up with nerve-wrecking, cry-baby, tattle-tale behavior from kids on the block. The only time I really get involved is when Ruben and I have just had enough bickering or when there is a fight, and someone is left crying cause they are hurt. Which is to say that we REALLY tolerate A LOT! I do this so that I can gain friendship for myself, as well as for my child. I don't want her to be the neighborhood outcast! Trying to fit in with new neighbors is NOT an easy task. I find that when I'm not keeping to myself, I am going out of my way to say thanks or buy expensive gifts just so my child can fit in and have playmates. I even bite my tongue when I see how certain kids regularly use her for the things we have, and abuse her at times by being out-right mean. Sometimes just sitting and idly watching can be so heart-wrenching for me, because she truly does not deserve the way she is treated at times. As if that weren't bad enough, I often hear kids making rude comments to her, asking if she will end up being fat like her me, or other people pointing out qualities as if she's the only kid on the block that has them. You don't see me telling others that their kids are constant tattle-tales or crybabies - nor telling the kids to stop coming over just to use her for her material possessions. My guess is that parents will always see their child as an angel, who can do no wrong so they always place the blame on others. Well if only those parent really knew how their kid behaves when not at home! I know my child is no angel, and in no way innocent - but I also know that it always takes two to tango, this is something I've witnessed for myself and have even been out-right lied to by other kids as they are trying to save their ass.
But in spite of it all I often find myself wondering why she is singled out, why some people behave the way they do around her, why she is excluded from certain activities or rules, but mostly just how to cope with all the drama without punishing the few good friends she has, or herself.
Luckily next week Grandma will be here visiting for 3 weeks which means she will be spending most time inside away from others - and shortly after she leaves, our new neighbors and their 4 kids will be moving in and she will be making more friends, which I hope will go smoothly.
Tell me, what advice do you have for me regarding these issues other than moving, as that's really not an option since I love my house so much! Please let me know your thoughts on this subject as I could really use some help here!


Random Thoughts

Boy I have so much stuff running through my head, I'm anxious to get started, but don't know where and want to make sure I cover everything.

  • I had my specialized CAT scan yesterday and got 2 little black ink "jailhouse" tats. After the test and reading over the report, my doctor came in with some help and the poured black ink on certain areas then stuck me with a needle, thus making the ink go deep within my skin. I showed Ruben when I had gotten home, and the marks are barely recognizable. I sure the docs can see & find them for radiation - which I am supposed to start sometime next week as my first week of 6 or 7 daily treatments.
  • Speaking of tattoos - I had a dream what I want the next one to be - and I plan on drawing it myself. On my ankle above the rose band my mom picked out for me when I first moved to Vegas in like 95, I want to get a heart with wings that says mom and a banner that runs on each side behind it that has her birthdate on one side and the day she died on the other. I still want that pink ribbon on my hand or something on the back of my neck, but Ruben's not happy about the thought of a 6th or more tattoo. He thinks 5 is enough and I should grow up. I say NEVER!
  • Along with the dream of that design, I also dreamt up how I'd like to build onto our house - adding a room above the garage (our master closet accesses the attic space there, so the doors are in place) so we could use that room to put all of our exercise equipment in (treadmill, weight machine, and elliptical that is all in our bedroom - not like it is hurting for space in here though) or make it the new studio area for our office & scrap stuff - freeing up the 4th bedroom to use as another guest room. In addition I would also like to build another garage next to ours, so Ruben can park in it, with a studio type room above in case my brother ever decides to move here, or for my mother in law to retire in. I'd like to leave a slight breezeway between the two garages for a gate going into the backyard - remove all the huge overgrown trees and put in a pool. Now we just need to hit the lotto jackpot! We've already got probably the biggest house sq. foot wise, as we have nearly 4,000 sq. feet - but adding these features would make our house ginormous with plenty of room to spare and put our house in the 1/2 to 3/4 mil range. but then again, as much as I would LOVE to do this, Ruben is approaching his 2 year mark in this job, and we've never stayed in one place longer than two years!
  • OMG, have you tried Wii Fit? Here we have all this exercise equipment, and I'm instead using Wii Fit. I hope that shit REALLY works! It must cause I can tell you that you walk away hurting. Try Super Hula Hoops and see if your hips don't hurt afterwards! But I love all the yoga, balance, aerobics and strength training activities it has.
  • In other game news we also bought Indiana Jones Lego - which is fun, yet hard, and The Bourne Conspiracy game which I have yet to play. It's on my to play list today after Wii Fit! Oh I'm also very impatiently awaiting Guitar Hero Aeromsith. I hear that Metallica plans to do a franchise of the game as well and I can't wait for it!
  • I just realized that I forgot my nephew's birthday. Now that there are two of them I can never seem to remember. He enters middle school next year which makes me feel hella old!
  • So, I *think* I may have finally solved my problems and gotten vindication from AT&T. I got my replacement phone and still had the same issues as soon as we swapped everything out. Ruben tested the SIM card and mine wouldn't register in his phone. So I called AT&T, they gave me a $80 credit to re-download all my ringtones and buy a new SIM card......I'm still a little upset cause Paralyzer by Finger Eleven is no longer an available ringtone. But in addition to that, when I went into a new store yesterday to get my SIM card I got it for free, yet still experienced appalling customer service ( I was ignored, told I was wrong in a very smart-ass way, waited & wasted over 40 minutes with the manager) so once I had enough I asked for the regional manager's number. This time the guy gave me the correct number allowing me to complain about Johnny and the service I had just gotten. in turn she called the store back and I got a free $90 handsfree clip-on visor bluetooth speaker accessory. Plus she took names and she's kicking ass. Finally someone that values loyal customers!
  • Oh and in other news - I may be coming as a headline near you soon. Trusera wants to highlight me in a press release and wanted to know if I would be interested in talking with the media. I am so stoked! This could be the next step in inking a book deal about Breast Cancer for me. Wish me luck. I will keep y'all posted when it happens, so stay tuned. Also this month marks my last month of my contract with them - but still I'm doing quite well with my contract for answering questions on - come see me there and ask any questions you might have about Breast Cancer!

Okay, well I think that about covers everything. I'm off to play Wii Fit and see if I lost another 3 lbs.


Ups, Downs & All Arounds

Yesterday I met with my new Radiation Oncologist (I tell you I have so many doctors now with more to come that I may have to start referring to them as Dr. J-plastic surgeon, Dr. S-breast/general surgeon, Dr. R-pain management spec., Dr. L-radiation oncologist, & Dr B-medical oncologist!) While there we went over my treatment and other important issues. It looks like I will be doing 6 to 7 weeks of DAILY radiation after all - and STILL following up with chemotherapy when finished, though I don't yet know for how long. It's pretty much what I already figured - this year is shot! I go Thursday to get ANOTHER CAT Scan of my chest, one used specifically for radiation purposes. I don't know if they will end up tattooing little black dots on my chest where my internal markers are located or not. I'm not looking forward to any of it, though it's not for fear - just inconvenience.
Driving into town 5 days a week just so I can do 5 minutes of radiation? I'm not looking forward to paying $100 to fill up each car every week! Gas is nearing $4 and really, it is about time our dumb-ass President does something about it. I read about talks of drilling somewhere north-west; how we have enough oil produced here yet we export it; how we set the cost based on some International committee; how people in Venezuela only pay 12cents a gallon! Seriously it's time someone actually DID something. He had the balls to start this war, so why not over-turn the country to use the oil for ourselves as there isn't a real, effective solution, as we are still years away from perfected ethanol & true hybrid technology! Enough about politics, I hate them, so having to discuss them just further pisses me off!
So after my appointment, I decided to check on my brother. It has been weeks since I've heard from him. He works two jobs, and it's hard finding the time to connect. I meant to call him this weekend, but as always, time just slips away. So I called his cell and got this weird message, almost as if it is no longer in service. Great, he's living in Budget Sleaze and I can't reach him to check on him and make sure all is okay. If only my ex-piece of shit - step-dad would do his JOB and actually care for him I wouldn't be FORCED into this situation. No, the drunk is too busy with his new sleaze, I mean squeeze to care about much else, other than beer and smokes. If only my mother knew the truth, I'm sure she would have done things so much differently! Because of this jackass, while I go through radiation this summer, I will also be seeing a Probate Attorney regarding her will and his lack of concern for carrying out her wishes. Good thing it states that if he fails as an Executor, that I can take his place regarding her estate - the one he is drinking through instead of caring for my mentally challenged brother! Anyway, back to my brother. Since I cannot reach him I decide that maybe I should call my other brother to see if he even knew my brother moved, or even cared for that matter! SO I call the number that I THOUGHT was his cell phone. His bitch ass wife Tina, answers. I say Hi Tina I thought this was Bobby's cell; She says WHO is this. I say HIS sister. The bitch then hangs up on me. She has some set of balls, actually the pair belonging to my brother. She then proceeds to take the phone off the hook for the next hour. I finally get through again, but she's too chicken shit to answer. My guess is they still have creditors calling and harassing them, as they've never been one to pay their bills on time. Once upon a time they ruined my credit when I co-signed on a house that they let go into foreclosure - and I know they practically relied on my mom's help just to get groceries or have the electricity turned back on. Yes I know, the pure definition of white trash - what do you expect from druggies? So once I get through, the call goes to the machine (which doesn't have names on it because they don't want the creditors to know if they called the right place) so I leave a very nasty message on it, letting her know what a bitch I think she is. I'll try calling again when I know my brother is there, and see if he has the balls to answer. Ya know I often wonder why most the men in my family are pieces of shit. Is it just me and my family, or is it the testosterone that make men this way? Hopefully one day soon I'll be able to fly back to Vegas and take care of things as they should be. But right now that's just not an option as M-F I will be tied up with radiation, then the doctor warned me of all the side effects like exhaustion, fatigue, coughing or possible lung damage - great I hardly have strength now with all the pain I have in my feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. It's a good thing that Ruben's little brother is here to help out this summer!
I'm even thinking to conserve gas, when Ruben is in town, I may just hitch a ride with him to work, take my laptop, find an empty desk and sit there when I'm not in treatment.
Such fun summer plans. It really sucks ass, as I want something better for my child. It's not fair that her summer has been ruined as well.
I think I'll head downstairs now and play some Guitar Hero and unwind!


New Pix

Hey y'all - yesterday was our neighbor's birthday party. Natalie had a blast and actually tired out pretty quickly from all the swimming. Nina had lots of food and awesome punch. Seems everyone enjoyed themselves, including myself.
I was standing there as we were getting ready to sing Happy Birthday, and this woman approached me and asked are you Mrs. so and so. I said yeah, not quite sure who knew my last name. Turns out I know her from my fabulous plastic surgeon's office. She told me once she lived near the school my daughter attends, but I had NO idea that our kids ran in the same circle. It was great seeing her and talking with her. I'm sure she will pass along my good news to my plastic surgeon. It's funny bumping into each other like that. I made sure she had my phone number, so anytime she wants to get the kids together to play or even if she wants to run out and play bingo or grab a drink, she can get a hold of me. I'm one lucky person having all the support around here that I do. We have great neighbors/ friends who are actually there for me if I need something.
Anyway, I posted over 230 pictures from the party on Flickr. Enjoy!