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Hey y'all - yesterday was our neighbor's birthday party. Natalie had a blast and actually tired out pretty quickly from all the swimming. Nina had lots of food and awesome punch. Seems everyone enjoyed themselves, including myself.
I was standing there as we were getting ready to sing Happy Birthday, and this woman approached me and asked are you Mrs. so and so. I said yeah, not quite sure who knew my last name. Turns out I know her from my fabulous plastic surgeon's office. She told me once she lived near the school my daughter attends, but I had NO idea that our kids ran in the same circle. It was great seeing her and talking with her. I'm sure she will pass along my good news to my plastic surgeon. It's funny bumping into each other like that. I made sure she had my phone number, so anytime she wants to get the kids together to play or even if she wants to run out and play bingo or grab a drink, she can get a hold of me. I'm one lucky person having all the support around here that I do. We have great neighbors/ friends who are actually there for me if I need something.
Anyway, I posted over 230 pictures from the party on Flickr. Enjoy!

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