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I Hate Thunderstorms

Damn storms really screwed with my whole radiation schedule. Not only was the machine down Thursday, but it wasn't up on Friday either. That power outage musta really zapped the hell out of something - and what really sucks was that I was mid drive when I found out and I had my mother-in-law and daughter in the car with me. We planned on going to Joann's to buy fabric so she could sew me a few different head scarves. So even though radiation was cancelled I still had to drive into town. Unfortunately I couldn't really postpone the trip either as this is her last week here, and both today & tomorrow I am booked with appointments.

Today I had a follow up with my surgeon Dr. S. She wanted to see how my scar was healing. Things are healing nicely, so I don't need to go back for 3 months. However the last day and a half my dog hasn't been acting well. She's not been eating, she threw up grass, and has just been sad and mopey. Last night I forced some Pepto upon her. I had no problems getting her to drink it, just cleaning up her pink mustache, LOL. Then this morning she still was out of it, and I was told that she was still not eating and wasn't going potty. Must have a stomach blockage, so this morning I forced some Milk of Magnesia and Tylenol upon her. She took it quite well, and by afternoon she was feeling better and finally ate. So tomorrow I take her to the vet for a check up and possibly some shots - then I have radiation - then I meet with Dr. J my plastic surgeon. Yeah fun. Lately I feel like I shouldn't even bother dressing, that I should get my own hospital gown and wear it every where, cause it's not like the appointments will end anytime soon, as I have a list of things to schedule. Oh and I am so tired of all these damn thunderstorms - it stormed like every other hour today! UGH! Hopefully this rain will end soon, or at least not rain during my drive-time!

Hopefully this week won't be as draining on me, and I will be able to blog more =)

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