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Random Ramblings

  • I took Lexie to the vet today. Luckily she was feeling much better and declared healthy - unfortunately she got several shots, which in itself wouldn't have been too harsh on the pocketbook, but after purchasing 6 month supply of heart worm/flea guard the cost of the visit went through the roof! Still though knowing my baby is healthy is worth it - and people say you can't buy happiness. Well a family pet certainly brings me a lot of happiness and keeping her healthy, and making sure she leads a long, full life is key!
  • I despise traffic. The best part of being a SAHM is "missing" out on all that rush hour traffic. But now with daily freaken radiation, I run into quite a bit of traffic all over and on the way home. Along with that sporadic traffic comes a lot of STUPID drivers! UGH! I thought Vegas was bad, but I guess no matter where you go you are bound to run into bad drivers - and it sucks! Not to mention that gassing up both Dodge's is seriously putting a dent in the finances!
  • So far radiation is going well. I've had 10 treatments of 35, and so far there have been NO nasty burning side effects that you expect from radiation. That doesn't mean that it won't happen, but I am applying lotion 3 times a day as instructed. All this lotioning up makes me think of Silence of The Lambs and Wild Bill with his lotion. I saw Dr. J my plastic surgeon today and he said things are looking great - told me how he would like to handle things (i.e. pushing, massaging, etc.)
  • This weekend I used my huge ass jacuzzi tub for the first time ever - and we've owned this house for a year and a half! I am not kidding when I say that it took over 30 minutes to fill up half-way, 20 to drain - and it was SO BIG that I had to sit sideways to shave my legs cause every time I would lift a leg to soap up I would slip down into the tub. I dunno why I never used this tub before......other than it's ugly color!
  • I think I'm addicted to Vitamin Water, irregardless of what those stupid ads say (you know, the ones that say I have to do blah, blah, blah to burn off this water - WHATEVER!) I totally love XXX, Defense, Essential and Formula 50 - besides, I am so in need of all those vitamins now!
  • We have Guitar Hero Aerosmith and I can't wait to rock out on it. I truly hope Metallica makes a version!
  • This is the last week my mother in law is here. Having her here has been so priceless. Her help so valuable. She has looked after Natalie & myself as if she were my own mother, and for that I love her. What I don't love is the fact that she is on vacation, and she won't go a day without cleaning! I just wish that she would relax and enjoy her time off work, away from home - but I can't change her, just love her the way she is and be thankful for all she has done. My house is never cleaner than it is when she is here. My laundry washed, dried, & folded. Natalie's room clean and organized. Dishes done. She is truly a god-send! My brother in law, who is in Chicago visiting a friend right now comes back this weekend and will be here till mid-September to continue helping out - thank god!

Other than that, life is good at the moment - plus I'm happy that there's no radiation on Friday. Happy 4th of July.....yay!

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