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Day 730

Yup, still counting the days - and after two years it still isn't any easier.

Ruben being the super supportive husband that he is, woke me up with breakfast in bed. So at least my morning was off to a good start. Then he let me chill the rest of the day. The stress free day was much needed. Though the stress is definitely showing on my face, and I hate it. Anytime I tweeze my eyebrow I aggravate an abscess, then all acne breaks loose. Of course the stuff I use helps, but it also peals off like 5 layers of skin before the spot heals. It's time for me to see another dermatologist - and not one who suggests washing my face with Cetaphil, as that's not much of a solution. Speaking of which, it's time for me to go wash my face and call it a night. Tomorrow starts another fun week of radiation - yay!

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