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Gotta make this quick today

Today my schedule is packed full. I see my medical oncologist Dr. B and will hopefully find out what kinds of chemo program he will have me on. I'm really hoping to retain my hair this time - so cross your fingers for me. I just got it cut yesterday and I so badly wanted to get some color put in it....for one my roots are coming in a rather different color, and I'm not sure if radiation is having an affect on it - but I see a significant increase in grays. Jesus people, I am only 34 - first cancer, now grays? Gimme a break! My mom always wanted the gray hair my grandma had and never got the grays - now it looks like I will be the silver haired 40 year old. Aren't family genes just great sometime? The other reason I wanted to do some color, is because I wanted to do something slightly funky like add dark tips - instead of the usual highlights I would get. But I just hate to spend $60+ dollars just to lose my hair in another month. Though I don't mind being bald, I really don't want to lose my hair cause it just grew out a bit from chopping it off last summer - and I want to go long in hope of my curly hair turning more wavy - like the sexy beach wavy hair that is the trend now, instead of the spirally 'fro I have now. The stylist seemed to think it was possible because the weight of my hair (cause it's so damn thick!) causes a portion of about 2-3" from the roots to be straight, then the ends spiral. It's very weird and I hate the massively curly hair I have, but I can't blow dry it straight here cause the humidity just won't allow it to STAY straight. So really, why waste an hour with the dryer in the heat of the summer when 15 minutes later it's just going to frizz and kink up? So I'm slowly trying to learn how to re-style my hair - and it had just grown out to be able to put back in a ponytail, but after the cut yesterday I can tell it's going to be hard to get it all to reach back for a tail. I told her not to shorten it, but to layer it and thin it out some, but I think in the process I lost some of the length anyway.

Also today I have to do blood work, then of course radiation, then a trip to the dentist. Needless to say I won't make it home till probably 6 or even later due to traffic. But I did find out yesterday what the number of treatments will be. After getting my hopes up about a possible 28-30, and knowing yesterday was #23 and maybe only having 5 days left, I was told that the final number will be 31. Still better than 35, but the thought of being done in a week got me so excited!

Yesterday on the way to treatment I noticed that gas was down 20 cents - $3.99 to 3.79, and I thought that was rather odd considering we just had a HUGE oil spill here on the Mississippi that has royally effed up our port. Supposedly it is costing like $250 million a day - that we have about a 100 ships waiting to dock....and the barge that spilled the 419,000 gallons of oil was still sitting on the river leaking. The Carnival Cruise ship couldn't even dock here Sunday - instead it left out of Mobile, AL. Carnival had to provide transportation for all the passengers, which I bet was lovely considering it's a 3 hour drive - either that or they flew and I'm sure that was no picnic either with TSA and all the requirements now. I doubt when it comes back to port on Saturday that it will be able to dock here then either, as clean up crews are still working on it. It's also triggers being potentially dangerous for our drinking water, which is usually rather great instead of the crud you'd get in Vegas. Hopefully they will get it cleaned up soon - it would also be nice if the gas prices would continue to drop another dollar, LOL!

Oh and if you have time, check out my sister's blog : Perfection is Boring. She's still working on it - but let her know your thoughts on perfection. To me the title is a catch 22 cause I think that I am rather boring, yet I am far from perfect!

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Hi Angi,
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