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I Figured it Out

If this works correctly I should be posting this from my iPhone - no
app needed. I sure hope it works, cause I'll want to use it during
Today after radiation I saw the dr and found that I will probably be
doing only 28 to 30 treatments instead of the 35 I initially thought,
so good news there. Bad news is my burn is getting worse and now
extends across my chest (upper & lower) into my armpit - which is
doing wonders for my lymphedema!
Ruben landed safely in STL and got to see the Arch and other things
while driving downtown, which upsets me so......he is so close to my
childhood home and there is so much I want to show him there. It's my
trip down memory lane.....hrmph! I guess we'll be planning a trip
there soon.

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NotPerfectDeb said...

how bout a link back to my blog...not an exciting blog but not everyone can be like you

Angi said...

What do you mean be like me? I'm far from
perfect or a exciting!