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Another Week of Radiation

Mondays mark the beginning of another lovely week of radiation - though I should specify that treatment itself is not bad, it's just the traffic. But so far I have 12 down and 23 left to go - which is roughly 4 1/2 weeks, perhaps longer if I miss days or because of holidays. Slowly but surely I am getting there.

So how was every one's weekend?

We went into town so I could order my iPhone on direct fulfillment, cause I was unable to get it on Friday as promised. Apparently the stupid regional manager for the AT&T stored here only ordered like 60 per store because he thought that there wasn't a big need for them. He told me that everyone who wanted an iPhone already had one - yeah but he didn't factor in the hundreds of us waiting for the new one so we could upgrade. The stores had lines that formed at 5am. It was ridiculous. But at least with direct fulfillment I should have my phone in 3 to 10 days, and since it is paid for I will get it before walk-ins.

I was pretty pissed Friday because I had gotten up early and went into town just to get my phone, and since that plan back-fired, I ended up walking through the mall buying gifts for Ruben's birthday tomorrow. All that walking around and standing not only killed my knee, causing it to inflame once again, but also caused my ankles to swell. I wasn't exactly happy cause my knee was finally healing, though it still popped and cracked with each step. I can't afford to damage it any further - and I've been waiting about 2 months for it to heal so I can get back on the Wii Fit!

So after ordering my phone we had lunch and bought a new 42" HDTV 1080p. One of our old TV's has been going bad for a while and since several repairmen could not fix it, RC Willey reimbursed us the full cost of that TV minus the extended warranty. I swear that was the best damn extended warranty ever - no wait, we bought a 37" Olevia from Office Depot about 8 months ago and one of the speakers went out so they shipped us a brand new model. So Natalie now has that 37" HDTV 1080i, and we have the 42" one in our bedroom. The old TV is still kicking and has been in the guest room every since we thought it was about to go out. We got tired of the screen going gray while playing video games so we took the 57" in the living room and put it in the game room, and bought a new 61" for our TV room. Once we reported the problems we were having they replaced like a motherboard within that TV, so it works great again, it's just that on one side it picks up interference and shows these little static white lines that are about 2 inches long every minute or so - but it has done this since 2004, so I don't think it poses a real problem - and if it should go out it's just the guest room TV. All our other TV's are less than a year old, so it's all good. though I find it kinda funny that our 8 year old has a bigger, better TV than most people have in their living rooms. I swear Ruben created a monster when he turned me on to electronics. Before I could never tell the difference between a regular TV and an HD LCD TV - but now, whoa! I want the biggest, bestest TV's around - besides I'm pretty much blind so bigger is always better!

So tomorrow is Ruben's birthday. Since it falls during the week we really don't plan on much. Just a little cake that I'll either buy tomorrow after treatment, or one that Natalie will make. We kinda already celebrated this weekend, as that is when I gave him his gifts and we had a nice meal out. I gave him his gifts early cause I am always so impatient and excited. I just bought him some clothes, nothing too special cause we're adults - we buy what we want when we want it. We don't need an excuse to buy something we like, I mean as long as we can afford it we buy it when we see it. Now that my iPhone is out of the way, I will be pooling my extra money together to buy that $1200 Nikon DSLR camera & lens combo I want. I guess I've been putting it off cause I really don't need it. I have an awesome Sony digital point & shoot with 3 extra lenses, but it's an obsession of mine. Especially every time we go to a VooDoo game or Saint's game and I see the photojournalist there with their cameras with huge ass lenses. Ah well, one day soon. I promise. I want it so I can take more artistic photos and not just pictures of the family. Plus a remote for those self pictures will be nice!

Ok, well it's time for me to get ready for radiation. Oh joy!

Almost forgot, I saw one of the bunnies out on Friday, so they're still surviving somehow. It makes me glad to know the gator haven't eaten them!

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