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Another Day

Today I took another day off from radiation, extending my holiday weekend. It seems sometime during my weekend I got this damn awful head cold, and now I'm full blown sick and it sucks. I need to put a stop to this congestion before it gets any worse. What's weird is that I have been loading up on my vitamins and I still got sick! So now I'm loading up on Mucinex and Benedryl and am so tired from it. I think it's kind of like a sinus infection because not only does my forehead hurt, but my cheeks and teeth hurt as well. Luckily I had a refill on my antibiotics, and hopefully through a miracle I will fell better in time for tomorrow's radiation treatment! And though I have been in bed sick, I'm sure my Durango, as well as my pocketbook appreciated the rest!

Yesterday Ruben's mom left after spending the last 3 weeks here. It was really hard for me, as she's all I have now that my mom is gone. I couldn't even tell her how I felt, I had to have Ruben do it. I'm hoping that by next year I will be able to open up more to her and let her know how much I love her and appreciate everything she does. It's just very hard for me during this time of year as day 730 is quickly approaching. Yes I am still counting days as I take it day by day. I miss her so much. I don't think I will ever get over her death.

Before she left, I had to burn 4 discs full of photos for her, which reminded me I have lots of pictures to upload - just wish I would have been feeling up to it this weekend cause I just don't have much time during the week. But I will try to get to them soon. Friday is the big day, that day I get my new iPhone. I so cannot wait. I got one of my paychecks today, just in time to pay for it and whatever accessories I need. I'm so excited!

This weekend aside from lying in bed being sick I also watched some of the new movies that are piling up. One of them was the Other Boleyn Girl. It was good, though I did not like Scarlett Johansson in it. I also found it odd that it differs so much from The Tudors. Unfortunately high school seemed to focus mostly on US history, so I don't know a whole lot about the history of England. So I'm curious which is more accurately displayed.
Oh and I think I've officially made my decision to start trying to put together a book on breast cancer and somehow shop it around for publishing. I've already got a title in mind and Ruben is very supportive on this as he knows that it has been my mission to try to help women with breast cancer, and more importantly educate younger women in the importance of self exams. Breast cancer is not an old lady disease anymore. Younger women are being diagnosed yearly, but at the same time women are living longer too!

So much on my plate to do and no time to be sick!

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