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3 More Weeks

Today marks 3 more weeks left of radiation. I fear that I won't be finished by August 15th cause I noticed this weekend that my chest has gotten a lot darker and the skin is beginning to peel. I won't get to see the doctor till tomorrow - unless the radiation tech takes one look at me and send me to the doctor instead of the machine.
I'm not BADLY burned, but I am rather dark. It worries me because the worse it gets, the longer I may have to wait to finish reconstruction - that and I have heard stories about the radiated skin being unusable for reconstruction with implants and that donor skin may have to be used from another area of my body. Which on one hand is fine with me - use all my stomach muscle, tissue and fat needed so I get the benefit of a tummy tuck out of it.....but on the other hand, then I will have multiple incision areas, and I'm not sure if I want to be in all that pain. But for now one step at a time, which means lathering on the lotion several times through-out the day.

Also in 3 weeks Natalie starts school. I cannot believe school starts in mid-August. I thought it would be closer to the end of August. It kind of sucks for her since today she started a week long reading camp at school, but it's only half days - but she just came home all excited about her reading group and informed me she doesn't have to wear her uniforms this week......great, so now I have to find 4 appropriate outfits to sit out for the remainder of the week, after I just prepped her uniforms!

Ruben is in St. Louis for the week attending some training classes. it sucks to me that he got to go and we're stuck here because of my radiation - since I am after all from just across the river. It would have been nice to go "home" and show Natalie all the cool things like the the Arch and my favorite parks, museums, and the zoo. But Ruben wouldn't have been able to enjoy any of it as he would've been stuck in class all day. Maybe we'll head up there for Thanksgiving or something......of course that all depends on if gas prices drop some and my treatment - which by the way is time to go get ready for. I say hopefully I'll get a week off since I'm peeling, but I really don't want to prolong any treatments unless it is absolutely necessary!

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