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Calgon Take Me Away

There is never a day so bad that a 60+ gallon jetted jacuzzi roman tub can't take away.
Things here have been pretty good. I'm finally getting over my head cold, though I am still somewhat sad about Ruben's mom leaving and the upcoming anniversary of my mother's death. Radiation has been good, no problems there - just tired of driving in the traffic! Although one thing did happen yesterday that called for weekly visit to the lab. UGH! I have the worst veins ever and am limited to one arm, since my right has no lymph nodes in it. This lady was having a hard ass time hitting my vein, and fished for it. Then she was surprised when she couldn't get even a spoonful out of me. So she had to stick me again in a different spot. Now I have a nice bruise where she popped my vein. I so hate these weekly test, but I will be having them done all through radiation and well into chemo. YAY, not!
After my visit to the lab I stopped into Dr. B's office to schedule an appointment and find out what his plans are for chemo. I don't know if I can do both at the same time, but if I could I think I rather would - though I am not really looking forward to losing my hair and have decided that I will not shave my head this time, but rather wait and see how much I lose. I have extremely thick curly hair. If I only have to do 4 sessions like last time I'm hoping there's a chance I can keep most of it. I'll find out more once I see the doctor at the end of the month.

Last night after a nice relaxing bath I pondered cutting bangs. I still can't quite decide. On one hand I believe that it won't matter as soon I will be bald, on the other I think there are new combinations of chemo out there now and my next one might not have that side effect, and do I really want to suffer through another grow out period? I say suffer because I have been in a grow out period for a year now cause last summer I decided to cut all my hair short. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Shortly after I did it I wished I hadn't, but the heat of summer and the increase of hot flashes drove me to doing it. Now my hair is jest finally long enough to make a small decent ponytail, and I wish it longer even though it's hot and humid. I guess only time will tell what I am left with after chemo - I can do bald if I need to, but I would rather not!

Well I have a few hours before it's time to get ready, so I think I'm going to go play some Guitar Hero Aerosmith, as I have not played it yet - and tomorrow I will be leaving early so I can run by an AT&T store and pick up a new iPhone......oh I so cannot wait for it!!!

Oh, and I am sad to say that the little bunnies I had seen in the previous weeks have not been around and I worry that the gators got them. Poor things. Also, it's STILL raining here!

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