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Not Sure Where My Mind Is At.....

Can you believe I actually left the house this afternoon for radiation, got half way there - and realized I forgot to brush my teeth. Imagine the horror, knowing you don't have the time to go home and your about to be face to face with someone. Thankfully I have an Orbit White BigePak of gum in the car.
Actually I know where my mind was. My mind is in STL going down memory lane wishing I was with Ruben and able to show him some of my favorite places and stuff. Now that he has been there briefly for this training trip, planning a family vacay there is required!
So did you hear about the 5.4 earthquake to hit L.A. today? Supposedly it could be felt as far east as Vegas. So glad I'm not in the southwest - though the southeast has it's fair share of not fun things. It's hurricane season here and we've been having thunderstorms and downpours nearly daily for weeks now - but hey, at least we don't have to water the grass....but at the same time the grass grows like crazy, and it's humid as hell!

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