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I may be sick, but I'm a good wife =)

I haven't been feeling well the last few days - in fact I humiliated myself to many drivers along Clearview as I was pulled over at a Shell Station puking my guts out after radiation on Tuesday. Since then I haven't been feeling well. Very exhausted and worn out, but no longer puking. After tomorrow I will only have 3 WEEKS left till I am done with radiation - YAY!!!! So far other than feeling exhausted, treatment is going well. I have no badly burned areas or intense pain.

Today after radiation I stopped by Barnes & Noble, got a few books for Natalie - but my main purpose for going there was to pick up August's issue of Playboy for Ruben so he could see the pictures of Susie Sprague-Feldman....Corey Feldman's hot 26 year old wife. Ruben now says she makes his list of 5. I will admit she has a body....perfectly round surgically enhanced breast - and a pierced vajayjay to top it off. He saw her once on an episode of The Two Corey's and wondered how Corey scored such a hot wife. When I heard that she was in August's issue, I knew I just had to get the magazine. He gave up his subscription years ago, and hell the price of one is damn near close the price of a yearly subscription! Ah well, I just wanted to treat him with a nice little surprise.

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