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Last night as I was writing my post, Ruben was curious what it was I was posting about - so I told him. He then informed me that I have a sizable audience of readers within his company, and I should probably watch what I say - especially when it comes to him. He is more of a private person, whereas to me, this is MY forum, MY place to be myself, My place to say anything I want. I rarely hold back - but now I wonder what some of his co-workers may think of me after some of the things I have posted, LOL! Ah well, it's all in good fun. I'm sure most people just get a little chuckle out of the things I say as most can relate on one level or another. Oh and I should mention to everyone that while I made a comment about the pictures in Playboy - it is neither here nor there. I think that women who are comfortable with themselves, can most certainly look at another women and say to herself "nice rack or she's hot or I want that ass" and never mean it in a sexual way. We recognize beauty in other women, and we can appreciate it. Men however, would NEVER admit that another man looks good - they are certainly different creatures than the rest of us.

But as many of you already know, I try not to name names or companies or give away any pertinent information - that is unless you piss me off, LOL. I don't want any stranger to know where we live live or where to track us down - especially my daughter - that's why I try to leave out our last name (though I know I have mentioned it before) and the names of her schools.

Speaking of which, next week she goes to a week long reading camp at school for half days. Gives her a nice chance to be prepared and become a stronger reader for the upcoming school year! Hence the reason I bought her books yesterday. Last night we read Little Miss Chatterbox and Little Miss Bossy - for appearing to be easy to read books, they were not - but I thought that Natalie might learn a little lesson out of them......let's see how long she retains that lesson, LOL.

So after I finished my post, I surfed some of my favorite blogs. One of them being PostSecret, which really upset me. Not sure if you've ever visited PostSecret, but it is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. I've never sent one in because I honestly can't think of a secret worth sharing. I mean let's face it - I am a pretty vocal person. I don't hold too much back. So anyway, I am browsing through this week's secrets and I come across two items that bothered me and made me cry. Ruben asked what was wrong and I showed him. He says to me - "you don't seriously think that one is from me, do you?" I said "no" - I knew he had no way of sending it in, as he hardly even knew about the site, let alone what to do or where to send it. I don't read the secrets looking for one that pertains to me, I just simply like reading them. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I am disturbed. Last night I was just upset cause the postcards hit a little close to home, and I could relate to them in a way. I don't worry so much about my scars anymore, but I do worry that I have pushed him away. I remember in the beginning I couldn't even stand to look at my scars let alone let him look at them or touch them. Today I wear those scars with great pride because it shows how strong I am, and that I will go to any length to be here with my family. I feel awful for the woman who wrote this card, thinking that her insecurities drove her man away and I hope one day she comes to terms and is no longer ashamed of her disfigurement. For the other card, I say shame on you. Love is unconditional. Your wife would still love you if you had testicular cancer and had to have your balls removed. There is more to a marriage than what is on the outside. Is being fortunate enough to still have a living wife not good enough for him, would he rather have someone with boobs? That is vain and selfish. I feel for his wife, because I'm sure she has her own personal struggles from dealing with cancer. She deserves a man that is sympathetic and understanding.

These cards make me feel so blessed to have the husband I do. One that loves me and stands by me no matter what - even though I have tried to push him away, he refuses to budge. One that told me that it did not matter if I chose not to get reconstruction - that if I am going to do it, then do it for myself. I am extremely fortunate to have a husband like this - and rather than take him for granted, I try to remind myself of this day in and day out. I wish all women faced with breast cancer were as fortunate as myself to have such a loving, caring partner - and that they have the strength and courage I now have.

If I had more time before radiation I would send Frank over at PostSecret an email response regarding these two cards, but it's a little late now as he posts new secrets every Sunday - so any chances of the emails being posted or seen before Sunday would be slim. Ah well, maybe next time I will remember to check earlier in the week.

On another note, I am so loving my new iPhone. It's so handy to not have to call 411 when you need a phone number, cause you have the web right there! Plus I am really becoming addicted to some of the game apps I have downloaded! I just wish the battery was as good as they advertised. I charge it AT LEAST once a day....300 hours of stand-by time my fat ass! My iPod has a better battery. Thankfully I bought the AppleCare Protection Plan to extend my coverage to 2 years - and it does cover the battery, thank goodness!

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star said...

Regarding the second card...I can see how it would hurt to think about this applied to your own life, but at the same time...the guy hasn't left. Someone who stuck by his wife through that (which is hard on all parties,) who feels a bit guilty and disturbed about what happened to her, but still supports her and tells her what she needs to hear rather than trying to make her deal with his problems in addition to her own, does not really deserve to be condemned as selfish, vain, unloving, and unworthy of love just because he admitted anonymously that it bothers him. Love doesn't mean never having any issues, it means pulling through anyway, because the other person is worth it. The sender sounds like a loving husband to me.