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Who Needs Fireworks When You Have Thunder & Lightening?

Yes, another mostly cloudy day of thunderstorms, which is also what we have in store for Saturday & Sunday. After all, it is hurricane season and thunderstorms are a big part of the season. But seriously, who needs fireworks when you have thunder that rocks your house? Besides, last year when Mr. Ruben (as the kids call him) put on a fireworks show for the neighborhood kids, the sheriff came by and paid us a nice 'lil visit to let us know that in our Parish fireworks are illegal - however if you drive 20 miles to another Parish it's perfectly ok. So this year no fireworks, ah well. But we're still having a BBQ as it's not raining at the moment, then we'll probably all watch one of many new movies together or perhaps play some Guitar Hero or other video games. New Orleans doesn't really offer much in the way of fireworks shows like Vegas did. The city is still re-building after Hurricane Katrina, and tourism is not what it once was - especially with this economy. It's just as well though, who needs to waste all that money on gas, when you can stay home and have family fun, right?

Oh I also forgot to mention in my random ramblings that I have finally gotten a hold of my brother. He's doing well at both jobs and he's paying his bills and stuff. He's just a little depressed cause he misses our mom and he's lonely cause my other brother & his wife are selfish and refuse to be a part of his life - cause they will be damned if they are left to be responsible for caring for him. I wish that he's just retire from working and come live with here with us, like I have offered a million times. But he's just not ready to give up Vegas yet.

The other thing is that last week I saw bunnies up the road, not near the golf course or clubhouse, but up near the highway where there are swampy, marshy areas. Natalie and I both wonder how they survive when there alligators up there. I dunno where they go when the gators come, but they are obviously smarter than them.

Oh and get this. With all this nasty weather we've been having, Natalie comes in and tells me this story that grandma told her (my mom). She said Grandma would always say that don't be scared of thunderstorms, just think of it as one happy and one mad cloud. The mad cloud is thunder and the happy cloud is lightening. To me that is just too funny that she remembers this little tidbit my mom told her years ago. When I was growing up my mom always told me that thunder was just god bowling, and lightening happened when he got a strike.....hahaha.

Anyway, Happy 4th - Have a safe & happy weekend!

July 4th
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