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Trying to Blog from my iPhone

Played with my phone lots today. Got it all set up, played some fun games - but when it comes to blogging, though I can view and log in to my page, I can't make a post. Not sure why. I know MySpace makes an application for for the phone, so maybe that's the problem - maybe I need a blogger app, but they don't make one. Still though, even if I can't blog, I can do lots of other stuff to pass the time while I'm at various doctor's office. I still need to check and see if I'm able to answer questions or blog for the breast cancer sites I work independently for. instead of checking to see about the important stuff I've been too busy playing games and such, lol! Oh, but I think I'm in love. How in the world did I ever manage before without an Apple iPhone?

Oh - was also wondering something else.....what could possibly be the reason behind wanting and eating tuna every day, like those little fat free tuna salad lunch kits that comes with crackers? Would a vitamin deficiency lead to such cravings? I'm I putting myself at risk of mercury poisoning by eating it everyday? I wonder if the radiation is somehow involved. Just something that I've noticed myself doing and am curious as to the reasoning behind it. Any suggestions?

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