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Music Day

This morning when Natalie woke up she promptly informed me that her iPod Nano wasn't working. We've had this problem before with it - last time it just needed an update, and it seemed it did this time s well. I kinda egret not just getting her a regular one after all the update issues we've had! Through the course of downloading and installing the update, all the misc was lost. This sucks. We have a pretty large music library - though nothing like Lora's - and we each have our own folder, so it makes syncing easier...instead of having 3 accounts. Well her folder is empty so I will be spending most of my day filling it up, as well as re-vamping mine cause I'm d/l new music. Lora had turned me on to this free DJ Music Mashups, which you can find the links for here to download yourself f you so choose.

I'm also thinking of doing another blog - it's not like I have all this free time, it will just be a lil pet project to see if I can get it off the ground and get others involved. It's called Tales From Our Scales. I'm hoping for it to be a weight loss experience for all to participate in.

So I'm sure y'all want to know about my doctor visit yesterday. One word DISASTER! I had only met with this guy one time, and I recall then that I spent FOREVER waiting and yesterday was no exception. I waited an 1 1/2 hours for him cause the DUMBASS took his 12:00 patient AHEAD of ME, his 11:30! Then to top it off he was just a major egotistical prick - and spent a grand total of 15 minutes with me. He's had my records since April, he's gotten updates from ALL my doctors and yet with ALL this INFO he could not tell me what treatment plan he was going to give me - even though he's had MONTHS! I was livid. The man knows I am almost complete with radiation - my last day is August 11th. He should know how long I need to go and what cocktail I should get, ESPECIALLY since I've had chemo before nd that plays a HUGE role in what drugs he CAN give me. I was LIVID. He told me I wouldn't find better doctor...wanna bet? His medical group has an office over here on the Westbank that Dr. Black does not practice in. It will also be somewhat closer for me to get chemo at. So yesterday I made an appointment with someone who has a good reputation for having a good bedside manner, and arranged for my records to be transferred. I will see Dr. K on the 19th - which is okay cause I was told that I will need to wait for this burn to clear up some before I can even start chemo.

Ok, so here I am going through iTunes - I'm d/l songs, trying to fix tags and I just realized I've been doing this since 7am and I'm nowhere close to being done. I haven't even synced. I think I'm trying to do too much at once - so I guess it's back o the tunes....gotta get this iPods loaded up soon.

Happy Friday!

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