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And I Thought Yesterday Was Bad.....

Today with Gustav threatening the Gulf, I've had to gather important documents - homeowner's policy, birth certificates, wills, tax records - and put them with my mother's & grandfather's ashes, my jewelry, our guns, hard drives and all my photos, so we can grab it all quickly in case we do end up having to evacuate. We have reservations already made for a week in Shreveport - which will cost us nearly as much as our monthly mortgage - plus all the additional costs - and those costs would really be through the roof if only we could get our hands on some lumber to board up our windows that don't have shutters. None of this is helping my anxiety - and the funniest thought of it all is that I literally have thousands of dollars worth of scrapbook supplies. I know that should be the least of my concerns, but I keep thinking what if my tree comes through my roof or the roof caves and everything gets soaked. All this prep work is eating away at my stomach. Today my acid reflux flared up as I called my prescription refill service to see about getting early refills on my meds. The taste of stomach acid is truly disgusting. It makes me wonder if all the yogurt I've been eating is somehow behind it? Hmmm.

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