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Finally The Wait Is Over

Yesterday I had my Chest CT Scan (both with & without contrast). I had to fast prior to the test, so afterwards I stopped at the hospital cafe and ate. Big mistake! It was awful tasting. Just a big waste of money. After leaving the hospital, I dropped off 2 comforters to be cleaned, filled up the Durango, and got it detailed. By time I got home I was beat. I sat down on my bed and literally passed out. That nuclear medicine they inject you with is something else. Kinda made me mad cause I missed the first half of the Lakers game. All that extra sleep messed me up anyway, causing me to wake up much too early this morning. With too much time on my hands, it left me up to no good - searching for old friends, or long lost relatives.....which isn't an easy task when you don't quite remember people's names or they have unlisted information. It's something I have done from time to time beginning with my 1st cancer, when chemo wiped my mind, and more often since my mother's death. Do you know how awkward it is to call a number that doesn't belong to who you thought it did? But it's hard to keep in touch when you move every 2 years - not to mention when the people you are trying to locate move every few years! Every now and then I get lucky and score, but more often I don't. So yeah I spent too much time surfing, but I was awaiting a call from Dr. L's office to let me know what my recent scan results were. It appears my results were ok, but I won't get the whole story till I see him. So I'm still not sure what he saw, and if it was indeed a lymph node. Hopefully I will find out more next week - that's when I start my daily radiation treatments for 7 weeks. I'm both nervous and excited about Monday, as I've never done radiation before. Then once I complete that treatment it's off to chemo. Luckily Ruben's mom comes in tomorrow night for 3 whole weeks. I can't wait; with losing my own mom I need her more than anything. Plus it sure will help when I'm exhausted from radiation and don't feel like cooking - when all I want to do is take a nap!

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