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Power Outage Ruins Radiation

Today we had lots of thunderstorms, as we've had off and on most of the week. Well it seems that sometime during one of those storms my radiation doctor's office suffered a power outage and the machines went down. Being fickle as they are, the machines required a tech to come out and fix them and get them back online. Of course all this happened while I was on my way there, so I didn't find out till I got there. I wasn't exactly happy to learn I just drove 20 miles for nothing. And depite the machines being down today, I learned that it doesn't change a thing, that I will do 35 treatments no matter what - whether or takes 7 weeks or 14. I just hope the machines are back up tomorrow, or they at least call beforehand and let me know so I don't waste another 1/4 tank of gas!

So while I had the afternoon awake - as radiation makes me so tired. I surfed the net and came across a bewildering picture of my favorite hunkiness. It seems he dropped a lot of weight for a role, but still looks hot despite it. Also many of the commentators on the photo pointed out that while he lost weight, he still looked quite large, giving into the rumors that he is well endowed. Which I can say that since I did in fact watch his sex tape before it was pulled from the internet, that he is indeed so. Yes I know, so naughty of me - but I couldn't help it! Why is it socially acceptable for men to watch porn or get Playboy, but girls are bad if they indulge? I just wish that I had saved the file instead of deleting it. Oh well, guess good ol' fashioned photos will have to do.

So tell me, who is your biggest celeb crush? And what's your thoughts on this photo?


LoraLoo said...

Yeah, he needs a cheeseburger. Or ten. lol

Hollar on there being nothing wrong with women indulging in the sex mags, movies, whatever. We like sex too!?

My biggest celeb crush is still John Cusack. Yum!

LoraLoo said...

p.s. Hope your next trip to radiation goes well (and happens!).

Angi said...

Thank you Lora!

Yeah I agree he needs to eat a bit, as I would prefer him with a little more meatiness in other areas - but he is one man that Ruben knows I'd give it up to anytime anyplace - even as dirty as he looks half the time.

For some reason (probably from watching his sex tape) everytime I see a picture of him I think of Orbitz (Dirty Mouth? Clean it up) It's a weird association, but he is like a cursing leprachaun.

Cusack is hot - but I find myself lusting after younger men these days like Ashton (30) and others who vary often. Yet it's funny to me how we love these men, and end up on the other end of the spectrum when we marry....maybe we only lust over the bad boys. I dunno, but I do know I love my hubby - but we have our lists. He has certain girls I don't agree with, but if he had the chance I'd let him....Like Uma, and both Angelina & Aniston, but it is his list, and I have mine. It works = )