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A Daughter Never Forgets

To my Mother who I love and miss more than words can say, Happy 62nd Birthday.

Since July 2006, the days leading up to June 10th - as well as the time between now and July 20th, are seemingly difficult for me, as it is the time I most regularly think about my mom and her passing. It's not to say I don't often think about these days, as some days I think about them daily; and others, like now, I think about it all constantly. I know they say with time all wounds heal, but it seems for me, time just can't come fast enough. I think one of the biggest factors in it all was how suddenly she became ill and passed. Also how her HMO took so long to approve a liver transplant, not giving the okay till she was too ill to travel for the work-up - then she passed just 2 weeks later. Yeah, I hold a lot of grudges when it comes to her death. Grudges because she was taken too early. Grudges that she didn't have a *proper* memorial service. Grudges I don't know if I will ever be able to let go of. But can you blame me? After all, a daughter never forgets.

I love you mom.

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