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Boy I have so much stuff running through my head, I'm anxious to get started, but don't know where and want to make sure I cover everything.

  • I had my specialized CAT scan yesterday and got 2 little black ink "jailhouse" tats. After the test and reading over the report, my doctor came in with some help and the poured black ink on certain areas then stuck me with a needle, thus making the ink go deep within my skin. I showed Ruben when I had gotten home, and the marks are barely recognizable. I sure the docs can see & find them for radiation - which I am supposed to start sometime next week as my first week of 6 or 7 daily treatments.
  • Speaking of tattoos - I had a dream what I want the next one to be - and I plan on drawing it myself. On my ankle above the rose band my mom picked out for me when I first moved to Vegas in like 95, I want to get a heart with wings that says mom and a banner that runs on each side behind it that has her birthdate on one side and the day she died on the other. I still want that pink ribbon on my hand or something on the back of my neck, but Ruben's not happy about the thought of a 6th or more tattoo. He thinks 5 is enough and I should grow up. I say NEVER!
  • Along with the dream of that design, I also dreamt up how I'd like to build onto our house - adding a room above the garage (our master closet accesses the attic space there, so the doors are in place) so we could use that room to put all of our exercise equipment in (treadmill, weight machine, and elliptical that is all in our bedroom - not like it is hurting for space in here though) or make it the new studio area for our office & scrap stuff - freeing up the 4th bedroom to use as another guest room. In addition I would also like to build another garage next to ours, so Ruben can park in it, with a studio type room above in case my brother ever decides to move here, or for my mother in law to retire in. I'd like to leave a slight breezeway between the two garages for a gate going into the backyard - remove all the huge overgrown trees and put in a pool. Now we just need to hit the lotto jackpot! We've already got probably the biggest house sq. foot wise, as we have nearly 4,000 sq. feet - but adding these features would make our house ginormous with plenty of room to spare and put our house in the 1/2 to 3/4 mil range. but then again, as much as I would LOVE to do this, Ruben is approaching his 2 year mark in this job, and we've never stayed in one place longer than two years!
  • OMG, have you tried Wii Fit? Here we have all this exercise equipment, and I'm instead using Wii Fit. I hope that shit REALLY works! It must cause I can tell you that you walk away hurting. Try Super Hula Hoops and see if your hips don't hurt afterwards! But I love all the yoga, balance, aerobics and strength training activities it has.
  • In other game news we also bought Indiana Jones Lego - which is fun, yet hard, and The Bourne Conspiracy game which I have yet to play. It's on my to play list today after Wii Fit! Oh I'm also very impatiently awaiting Guitar Hero Aeromsith. I hear that Metallica plans to do a franchise of the game as well and I can't wait for it!
  • I just realized that I forgot my nephew's birthday. Now that there are two of them I can never seem to remember. He enters middle school next year which makes me feel hella old!
  • So, I *think* I may have finally solved my problems and gotten vindication from AT&T. I got my replacement phone and still had the same issues as soon as we swapped everything out. Ruben tested the SIM card and mine wouldn't register in his phone. So I called AT&T, they gave me a $80 credit to re-download all my ringtones and buy a new SIM card......I'm still a little upset cause Paralyzer by Finger Eleven is no longer an available ringtone. But in addition to that, when I went into a new store yesterday to get my SIM card I got it for free, yet still experienced appalling customer service ( I was ignored, told I was wrong in a very smart-ass way, waited & wasted over 40 minutes with the manager) so once I had enough I asked for the regional manager's number. This time the guy gave me the correct number allowing me to complain about Johnny and the service I had just gotten. in turn she called the store back and I got a free $90 handsfree clip-on visor bluetooth speaker accessory. Plus she took names and she's kicking ass. Finally someone that values loyal customers!
  • Oh and in other news - I may be coming as a headline near you soon. Trusera wants to highlight me in a press release and wanted to know if I would be interested in talking with the media. I am so stoked! This could be the next step in inking a book deal about Breast Cancer for me. Wish me luck. I will keep y'all posted when it happens, so stay tuned. Also this month marks my last month of my contract with them - but still I'm doing quite well with my contract for answering questions on - come see me there and ask any questions you might have about Breast Cancer!

Okay, well I think that about covers everything. I'm off to play Wii Fit and see if I lost another 3 lbs.

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