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A Belated Tribute to Father's Day

Late Saturday evening, Ruben's mom braved all the nasty turbulent weather to fly in from Vegas. We had been experiencing local thunderstorms off and on all through-out the day. I'm sure it didn't help her flight any. After picking out her luggage, we loaded up the truck and ran over to Sonic to grab a burger, as we all skipped dinner. By time we got home, ate, and caught up a bit - it was well past midnight and time to hit the sack.

Sunday Ruben, the family, and I enjoyed sleeping in just a tad. Once I got up, I grabbed the pork chops out of the freezer so they could start defrosting. I also gathered together all the ingredients needed to make mashed taters, country gravy, and fried green beans with bacon and onions. I had also bought a yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting, so Natalie could bake daddy her first cake. With the exception of slimy eggs, she really enjoyed her first baking experience - not to mention that the cake was a solid hit with every one! Since she did so good for her first time, I have special brownies with sprinkles that I will let her make some other night. As always there are pictures from the days events located on Flickr.

After dinner and cleaning up, Ruben and I played Guitar Hero on the 360. We downloaded some new music for GH II and GH III to practice/play till the Aerosmith version becomes available. I'll tell you some songs were hard even set on easy.....especially the Ozzy songs!

So that was our Father's Day Weekend. Ruben bought some RC parts (tires, shicks, rods, etc) for his 4 trucks and his new car online. That's what he wanted, and it's not something I can buy for him cause I don't know jack about those kind of parts!

His momma also brought us gifts. He got 2 colognes, but I don't remember what they were. She brought me Vera Wang & Gucci. the women knows me! I love perfume and have a giant collection taking up the whole surface of my chest of drawers. I love having a variety - and I'm a perfume whore. I think it's something I picked up from Ruben cause he has quite a collection of cologne! Yeah I know, this was Ruben's weekend - but she always brings gifts for us when she comes to visit. It's kind of funny cause I had also bought her a bottle of Guess Silver perfume, and this awesome peppermint foot massaging gel to revive tired feet. I figured she could use it because she stands on her feet all day at work!

Right now Ruben & his mom ran out to the store to stock up on milk and stuff to eat. He's planning on being home in time to accompany me to my very first radiation appointment - which I need to start getting ready for real soon. My radiation is set for 3pm every day. I'm both very excited and nervous about it. Wish me luck and enjoy the pix!

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