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Scrap Haven Found

I finally located 2 scrap stores here in town, well actually across town. I'm so excited! It's actually a good thing that they are located across town from me, that way I won't be in them nearly as often as I would be if they were located just down the street! It's great because they both offer weekly crops and classes. I'm still in shock that the one has been located just across the street from the mall all this time. I mean hell, I've only lived here a year before finding anything other than a Jo's, Mike's, or the new Hobby Lobby out in Houma.
I was looking online at one of the class calendars and found some great classes I just had to sign up for. It's a double class so I will be making 2 mini albums - one is a Halloween accordion style album, and the other one is a Princess star shaped album. The class isn't until the 20th, so I have plenty of time to head over there before the class and check it out. Although I'm not sure if I will be cleared to drive before then, but either way I'm going! I'm tired of being couped up. I need some me time!
I also learned about an annual ScrapFest that will be held in February in Mandeville, which is about an hour and a half away from here. Hopefully, I will get the info soon so I can start saving for the weekend adventure. Finally I can meet some people from around here that have the same interests as me. My neighbors are great and all, but none of them scrap. Although I have talked to my friend Joanna and she may come visit when she gets a chance. I miss all my old friends in Nevada, so it would be awesome if she can come - we'd probably stay up all night scrapping together, that by time her trip would be over, she'd have to call in sick just to get some sleep.

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