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Baby Steps......

After taking some time off from the treadmill, I woke up this morning and decided that it was time to start over again - even though my hip was still pretty sore. I'm just going to take things pretty easy the first few weeks - no inclines, and a good pace that's not turtle slow or so fast that it causes me to jog. Inclines I will add slowly, I'm alright with them for the most part - BUT - I have no intention to now or ever jog on it. I can walk at an insane brisk pace (ask the hubby!) , but running? Hell no, I'm blonde deep underneath all that red dye. I have no balance, and can't even walk straight when I'm sober. So we'll see how long this regimen of walking several times a day lasts.

Yesterday I saw my plastic surgeon, but unfortunately there's not much to report on. This last healing phase is incredibly slow, and it sucks. So no stitching, no gluing, he just cleaned up the wound and told me to be back in 2 weeks. He also somewhat shattered my dreams by telling me that once it does heal he will make me wait 1 month before doing any other procedure. So much for having new boobs for Christmas. Oh well, not everything goes as planned. I gotta start getting ready for a dentist apptionment. Fun, fun, fun - but the sooner I get this ingrown root pulled, the better!

So .when I get home later, I will fill you in on all the rest and post some pictutes!

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Valerie said...

ow-ow-ow-ow! but hoping you feel better, 'K?