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Sorry for being MIA

I've been so busy, sorry I've been MIA. I've been actively chatting in this scrapbooking circle journal group. I've never participated in a CJ before, so there's lots to learn - plus I had to go out and buy the supplies I needed (an 8x8 album, cardstock, etc), and of course I had to think of a theme. Our little group is not one of your everyday sort, and I've been told that these CJ's are not ones that you leave out on the coffee table due to their sensitive nature. They are definitely provocative. It wasn't the nature of the CJ's that drew me to the group, it was the group itself - it harbors some wonderful people. I'm almost certain that my theme will be "Sex, Drugs, & Rock and Roll". I have DCWV RockStar Stack paper that I just love, and I'm dying to use it. So my desire to use that particular paper plays a big part in my theme. Otherwise I think I was leaning towards "Dirty Little Secrets". It will be many months before these CJ's are completed, but I am very excited to not only start, but to see the final results.
This weekend I am going to 2 scrap classes. One is to make an accordion Halloween album and the other is to make an album that when opened is a star shape, that is princess themed in Once Upon a Time. I'm so excited to be doing both these classes, but I have a little problem. I went to the eye doctor on Tuesday cause I am over-due on an eye exam and out of fresh contacts. Well it turns out that I couldn't focus on anything without my lenses. He'd do the whole "1 or 2, 2 or 4" and I would pick the one that seemed the clearest, then he'd ask me to read the line and I'd blink and everything would get blurry. He dilated my eyes and said that I had some kind of cloudy haze and some scratches on my cornea, so he couldn't give me a new contact lens rx, but he did give me a rx for some medicated drops - tobradex. I have to use them 4 times a day for a week then go back for another exam, until them I can only wear my glasses - which not only do I hate, but are the wrong rx. So I've walked into a few walls lately. Also, somehow, I managed to scratch my glasses last night - the right lens, right over my eye. So now it's even harder for me to see! So driving to the scrap store on Saturday and actually scrapping should be real interesting to say the least!
Oh, I also saw my surgeon yesterday. My wound is so close to being closed. I'm expecting a call from his office as to when and where they can schedule a day surgery before Ruben goes to Vegas for his annual Manager's Forum. The doctor asked if I wanted to go ahead and have my wound sewn shut and have a new tissue expander placed - but Ruben wants me to wait for the second part of that procedure as he is going out of town, so for now, he's just going to go in, cut away some hard, dead tissue and sew closed the top layer of my wound. Then in 6 weeks I will go back in to have a tissue expander placed. Hopefully the next try will go well! But I will surely keep all posted

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