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December 1, 2005 - I can't hardly believe it's almost Christmas!

SORRY - I know It's been a while since I updated my blog. To be honest, it gets tiring, because NOTHING has gone right lately. In October I began the 1st phase of breast reconstruction. I should have known better to just wait till next year, and start over clean. I just wasn't ready for it, and my body made sure everyone knew that but me. Otherwise I wouldn't have wasted all that money traveling back and forth to Vegas. Because shortly after getting the temporary implant (tissue expander) placed, I developed this rather LARGE bruise that covered all of my right breast and some parts of my abdomen. This hematoma had been caused by busted blood vessels that developed during the surgery, or close after. As if that weren't enough, the following week, I got outta bed and noticed the whole side of my shirt was wet from blood and I suddenly realized that I began bleeding like there was no tomorrow. Even though I followed my doctor's advice, and had taken antibiotics after surgery, my breast had still become infected. Despite it all, the implant had to be removed due to massive scar tissue that formed around the implant. I spent 3 days in the hospital over thanksgiving. When I was finally released, I learned that I had to stay in town to follow up with my surgeon on Monday to have my drain bulb removed. When I saw the doctor he was pleased with how it was healing and removed the drain, but not the stitches. So now we have to drive back down on the Friday after next to have them removed...great, more wasted gas! He informed me that I will have to wait at least 6 months before I am eligible to start the reconstruction process again. So it looks as though, Natalie, Lexie (our dog) and I will be spending the summer without Ruben again in the lovely 120 degree heat of Las Vegas.
My only source of console at this moment is that maybe I can take Cynthia up on her offer and use her scraproom while I am down there - and since my hubby will surely limit my baggage due to the fact that I went way overboard on the packing last time, I may be lucky enough to use some of Cynthia's supplies as I recall she has tons that she needs to purge, and knowing her I really can't see how anything she owns wouldn't be fabulous! Who knows she may even be able to teach this dog some new tricks as well. I love her LO's and Cards so much, it's no wonder after looking at them why she is my scrap idol! You can check out Cynthia's blog I am a Coconut to see all her awesome work. She is totally going to regret making me that offer to me = ) I just hope that I am capable of scrapping!
So anyway, back to what I was saying before I started daydreaming about Cynthia's Scrap Space.....which by the way I am contemplating re-doing my own to more closely match her use of vertical space, instead of my current busting at the seams design! Sooooo, after seeing the doctor on Monday, we decided to head home so we wouldn't miss anymore school or work. About 2 1/2 hours outside of Elko we hit our first winter storm. Let me tell you, it was coming down so hard and fast that we practically had zero visibility. I was quite terrified considering that we have yet to put my studded snow tires on for the season. Thank goodness my Durango has 4 wheel drive! We made it home safely despite the fact that some of the other drivers on the road didn't, and found that not only did we accumulate about 3 inches of snow, but that our house was FREEZING! Before leaving for our trip, we had made sure that everything was off - that included the heat and the pellet stove. OMG it had to be about 30 degrees inside our house. In fact it was so cold, our fish Jolly died! We cranked up the heat and pellet stove to warm the place up before bed, but nothing, and I mean nothing, helped to warm up that spot right between the comforter and the sheets. It literally felt we were laying on a slab of ice! Have I ever said how much I hate snow and cold weather?

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LoraLoo said...

Once a desert rat, always a desert rat. :)

Welcome back to blogdom - I've been keeping up on what's new with you. Hope you're feeling better and ready to enjoy the holidays.